FAM please prove that we make mistake

Once again the issues of FAM leadership was highlighted yesterday after receive response about Datuk Razali Ibrahim Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports statement that disagree of resignation of FAM president. He said this is not a solution.

PFSLJ Spokesman, Al Fadli Awaludin said they are not mistaken agenda, just want to see the reshuffle of FAM leadership and president resignation to make a way for a new faces to liftings the quality of Malaysia Football in the eyes of the world.

If they are wrong, please prove it that every action taken against FAM is not right. They really fanatic football of Malaysia fans but do not care who are the new faces on FAM leadership. Please show the rightness of the statement by Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports. Prove that they are wrong.

Datuk Razali Ibrahim said that to manage Malaysia Football Team is not an easy job. This will involve a lots of funds. The progress or decrease of a soccer team is depends on the development plans of the sports itself.

Al Fadli disagree with the statement by Datuk Razali. He said that Football of United Kingdom is not rules by Queen Elizabeth leadership but it is organizing by corporate members and professional teams. About getting funds, it is not an easy job while to plan to built up the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) building but now physically the building is there. Many sponsored company will approach if they see the progress of Malaysia Team with the higher ranking achievement in football of world rank. He acknowledged this not an easy job but nothing is impossible.

While South Korea have about 500 echelon football teams but Malaysia only have Harimau Malaya and Harimau Muda (A to D). They really want to see some transformation not to ruling the leadership of FAM. Please prove if this is wrong.

So I hope all the matters above will be considered and discussed in good and harmony of meeting environment just to get consensus towards brighter future of Malaysia Football Team.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Fans have made unanimously decision

Majorities of Malaysia Fans share the same reasons with petition letter submitted to FAM leadership. They want to see transformation in management to bring bright future for Malaysia Soccer Team.

Kamarrudin Ahmad, former national player 1985-1991 said that FAM should give opportunities to other qualified corporate member to manage top leadership as done by Japanese. Furthermore, the transformation must be do it now while our quality of game as same grade as Timor Leste.

We can see a different with Japanese that we had started Semi-Pro League 1989 while Japanese at 1991. Now they are more advanced than us but we still not much change.

So, on behalf of Malaysia Fans, PFSLJ Spokesman, Al Fadli Awaludin said that FAM leadership has been so long holding post since 28 years ago. It should be given new lease now.

For the sake of football of Malaysia, there is no intention to topple the leadership of FAM but looking after the positive changes in the future.

Meanwhile in another situation, Ong Kim Swee not yet reveals Harimau Muda Players lists name to undergoing the training at Australia soon. He still has 20 days to decide about that. He will make sure the selected players are in 100% fit before any decision made. Unluckily three of them were injured and will not called to Australia. There are A. Thamil Arasu, Fandi Othman and Syahrul Azwari Ibrahim.

The Harimau Muda has defeated Sarawak for their friendly matched yesterday 4-2. Ong Kim Swee really felt happy and satisfied with the performance of Harimau Muda and believe his players are in right tracks to retain gold medal of SEA Games 2013.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Why FAM leadership called for retirement

It is the biggest issues but was hidden for so long and now burst out for the sake of Malaysia's Soccer development. Why this happened? Of course the Malaysia Fans will no more tolerate after doing reviews and findings of Malaysia Football team performance had shown no progress and downgrading level of game's play. We are still at the back while the others Asia's Country have shown the good or better progress nowadays.

So here is the problem issues by the 'brave die hard fan's association:-

  • The level of Malaysia Football is at D grade whereas not qualify to join the Asia Championship even to playoffs.
  • Performance of National Team with no direction.
  • Football system with no clear mission ad vision.
  • Inefficient management and no accountability.
  • Unhealthy culture according to FAM president status.
 So all Malaysia Fans were impressed with the matters above. Everyone got clear explanation that within 28 years, FAM has made a lot of change. We had already interchangeably 21 coaches, fourth time FAM Secretary changes, staffs, vice and assistant of president exchange also building repaint and cut the grass at the Wisma Kelana Jaya, everything done. So what else?

So the issues should be clear and hope to hear good news from the FAM feedback soon. Please do this for the sack of Malaysia Soccer Team. Anyway we love the president and always be positive for good future of football development. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3.

Time for experiment

It is time for experiments. With full recommendations given by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to Datuk K Rajagobal to 'test' his team before the beginning qualifications of Asia Cup 2015 matches on coming February and Mac.

Before that Harimau Malaya will play againts Qatar for their first away friendly match on 6th February. With eleven day preparations according to Malaysia Super League will begin on 5th January and on, we hope this will not put as a reason if we lose to Qatar soon.

After that, Harimau Malaya will meet Yaman for their second test. They will given 12 days to prepare before the match on 22th of February.

With full pack yearly programs, Harimau Malaya maybe will be perform with or without involvement of players from Malaysia Football Clubs but any international friendly match involving Harimau Malaya will be given the green light to them to play while all local league will be postpone.

Meanwhile forward striker, Ahmad Fakri Saarani from Kelantan is ready to represent Atletico S.C. Portugal for six months after Nazmi Faiz Mansor represent S.C Beira Mar, Portugal.

Ahmad Fakri Saarani, 23 years old maybe got chances to represent the club on 6th January on the first match.  

With all the best for Harimau Malaya and Ahmad Fakri Saarani, we believe once again to all of you to win Asia Cup 2015. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Focus on gold medal

Once again Ong Kim Swee will give his attention towards SEA Games 2013 preparations for Harimau Muda. He will not work out with previous mistake and reward but only focusing on the coming SEA Games.

Malaysia will defends the title of gold medalist two and four years ago on SEA Games 2013 will hosted by Myanmar. They will try to retain the title for the third time. As a former champion, this is the good track record to be a champion again.

Last final 2011, we defeated Indonesia and 2009 against Thailand. They also were the champion of Thanh Nien Cup.  To be success again, the team will undergoing the intensive training plans starting from now on.

Harimau Muda A will not rejoin Singapore League 2013 but will be replaced by Harimau Muda B, coached by Razip Ismail (former Kuala Lumpur player). Instead, Harimau Muda A will undergoing the course and training at Slovakia for 5 months that will begin on 15th March until August 2013. During the time, they will play about 15 matches.

Before that the team will play friendly match at Gold Coast Australia from 23th January until 6th February 2013.

After intensive training, Harimau Muda A will represent Malaysia for Pestabola Merdeka and Thanh Nien Cup before SEA Games on November 2013.

With fully supports on behalf of Malaysia Fans, we hope Malaysia once again will retain gold medal for sake of us. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Kim Swee with no more daydream

Let the last SEA Games in sweet memories. We were the gold medalist winner at 2011 but now is a new agenda for the SEA Games 2013. While it was the great celebrations to Ong Kim Swee's birthdate too for the past, he won't put the new agenda on his sake of himself for the coming SEA Games. He will make sure the Harimau Muda's preparation started from now on.

 It is an accidently again the next SEA Games 2013 will be conducted on December next year. While the birthday anniversary is on 11 December 2013, nothing special but to retain the gold medal.

Harimau Muda will be in well perform starting from now, no more experiments and much change but training. They will continue for local and international friendly matches to manage good commucations and cooperations in the team. With a few new players, this is the best time to each others to know one another.

For the records, Harimau Muda had twice won two overseas tournament and fourth place at Singapore League 2012. Maybe they will continue with join one of the European League six months before coming SEA Games 2013.

Malaysia Fans will always hope the best from Harimau Muda to cure the pain at AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 ago for Harimau Malaya. Believe you can do it and be the best to beat the rest. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3.

How to be the best MSL?

Harimau Selatan or Johor Darul Takzim amongst the luxury Football Club in Malaysia Super League (MSL)will test the players  in the tournament of four corners defeated rival to  death at Tan Sri Hassan Yunus Stadium, Larkin for two days start from coming Wednesday.

While the other three clubs are Pahang, Johor and Woodlands Wellington (from S-League, Singapore). This is the best platform for the last phase of preparation for the team before the beginning of  MSL in another two weeks from now. While Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, Aidil Zafuan Abdul Razak, Syafiq Rahim, Azmi Muslim and Safee Sali just back from three days leave and will start their training session today. It is nothing to worry about their stamina according to their performance last time with Harimau Malaya are still valid.

Johor Darul Takzim Coach, Fandi Ahmad believe five of the national players will easily fix themselves with the team soon. They will not play as the first eleven but will contribute as subs. It is a good time to find congeniality within the team.

Even though it will be more challenging for the coming MSL 2013 but the high rank of the players with luxury spent by PBNJ, it was the dream come true for Fandi Ahmad. He really appreciates to founder of PBNJ, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim for the player selection.

I hope Johor Darul Takzim will get to the top of the standing leagu but the other teams will not easily give the way and will show their best performance to win the title of MSL too. All the best for all the teams in MSL. 

AFF as a good lesson to learnt

Ong Kim Swee should learnt something from the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 recently. Harimau Malaya mission was failed after lost to Thailand at semi final. This is a good lesson to Harimau Muda's preparations for coming SEA Games at 2013.

Harimau Muda within one year before the SEA Games 2013 must well prepared and make thorough preparation before the tournament. This is the good time to create strong football team. The coach was interviewed after the friendly match against Sime Darby yesterday at Wisma Persatuan Bola Sepak FAM yesterday. They won 2-1.

The goal was scored by Wan Zack Haikal Wan Nor and D Saarvindran. While Karlo Primorac  from Croatia  scored a goal for Sime Darby.

Harimau Muda was the champion at last SEA Games 2011 will not be lulled by sweat dream. Even though they won the final at Bung Karno Stadium, against Indonesia but they had learned something from Harimau Malaya.

Ong Kime Swee has made analysis on Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar and Laos teams. Most of their players will not played for the team yet according to over age. This will be a bit difficult to read their games before the coming SEA Games.

We hope Harimau Malaya will become strong soccer team before the tournament and once again to retain the Gold Medal at SEA Games 2013. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Final result Piala Emas Raja-Raja 2012 : Perak vs Kedah

Perak the champion of Piala Emas Raja-Raja after defeated Kedah 2-0 at final. They have to wait for 22 years to become the champion.

The match too challenging until 90 minutes without goal. During extra time luckily Perak scored 2 goals to create the success winning against Kedah. First goal was scored by Hamizul Izaidi at 105 minutes and the second goal was scored by Khairul Asyraf, 10 minutes after that.

Perak used to be champion 1990 after beaten Kelantan 3-0. This is very good memories after 22 years awaiting, and they got it at the end of year 2012.

Meanwhile Kedah had twice tried at final but was denied by Perlis 2009 (lost 2-0) and Kelantan 2010 (penalty kicks).

Even though Kedah was represented by players from Kedah and Perlis Malaysia Premier League also Presiden Cup like Mohamad Rozaidi Abdul Rahim (captain), Hattapon Bun An and Muhamad Syafiq Ahmad but Kedah failed to be a champion on 72 edition of Piala Emas Raja-Raja.

Congratulation to Perak.

AFF Suzuki Cup Final 2012: Thailand vs Singapore

Singapore is the champion of AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 after defeated Thailand with aggregate 3-2. Singapore well defending even though lost 1-0 to Thailand for second league of Final at Supachalasai Stadium, Bangkok just now.

The goal was headed by K.Keawsomba after received marvelous crossed ball from Thailand right wing. It was at almost 45 minutes before the break. The only goal is nothing to proud while aggregate goal won by Singapore 3-2.

All Singapore players played as defenders while Thailand non-stop strive to breakthrough the wall. Almost 65% ball possession controlled by Thailand unluckily Singapore won the aggregate score after the match.

Nicol The Squash Legend

Datuk Nicol Ann David once again crowned with the title champion of Woman's Squash World Championship this morning about 10.00 (Malaysia Local Time) after defeated Laura Massaro (World No. 3) from England with 3-0.

Once again Laura Massaro was shocked with the fast game shown by Datuk Nicol Ann David. She looked little bit exhausted after her game yesterday against Raneem El Weleily from Mesir with challenging match to win 3-2 about 60 minutes. 

Meanwhile Datuk Nicol Ann David has no doubt to performance well and played on her outclass of the game was invited Laura Massaro to play fast and made confuse smashed and fast return.

Laura with many return ball errors looks exhausted during the middle of the game and lastly acknowledged her weaknesses easily to Nicol beat her with score 3-0.

Congratulation to Datuk Nicol Ann David and keep it up good works, you make us proud of you! Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Nicol Approaching the World Title

Once again Datuk Nicol Ann David will retain her sixth time Women's World Open Squash Championship at Camana Bay, Cayman Islands after defeated Jenny Duncalf (World No.6) from England.

She took about 37 minutes to win over Jenny Duncalf 11-7, 11-4, 11-2 at semi final. Before that Jenny had to strive more than 70 minutes to beat her opponent at quarter final. Datuk Nicol Ann David only spent her minor energy to defeat exhausted Jenny for the semi final slot.

Jenny had used her killing tactics by sent many shorts shot in front of the wall but Datuk Nicol Ann David has shown her fast games to invite Jenny to move all over the court. It was the reason for Jenny's lost to Nicol after made many errors by refuse to return the ball to Nicol.   

In another match, Laura Massaro from England won over Raneem El Weleily from Mesir in five set. She won 5-11, 11-9, 12-14, 11-4, 13-11.

They were last met at final of Australia Open, August 2012 and won by Datuk Nicol Ann David. This is a great moment to Nicol after booked a final slot at the biggest championship. She promise to grab the chance for her seventh world title that will play at 9.00 a.m (Malaysia local time) on 22 December 2012.

All Malaysia Fans wish Datuk Nicol Ann David will prevail and make us proud of you for seventh time. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3.


MSN Chief Director talk about Malaysia Soccer

How you wonder when many people gives negative  responses more than positive feedback? To whom may responses in any word but will not be heard because we have no power to decide anything. How about the situation when one of the VIP person at MSN give his opinion toward Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya situations? Should be heard right?

Datuk Seri Zolkples Embong, Chief Director of MSN (National Sports Syndicate) shared his opinion about Harimau Malaya. He agreed with most Malaysia Fans to let FAM Committee to think twice about their decision to retain Dato K Rajagobal position as football national coach.

Majority national players represented by former players of SEA Sports 2009 (Gold Medal) and AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2010 (champion) should be able to show best performance and matured game while at AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 when defeated by Thailand 3-1.

They played with no congeniality should not be happened while most of them already in the team since 2009. They are provided with good sports facilities and preparation by preparation with many friendly matches (local and international). Why we still cannot show good performance at the biggest championship for ASEAN like AFF Suzuki Cup 2012?

We expected what will happen next if they still cannot played at the good level standard of the game. If they are not prepare yet, should they be given second chances for Asia Cup 2015 preparations?

Ong Kim Swee as Harimau Muda coach is called by Malaysia Fans to replace Dato K Rajagobal position but he looks more comfortable with Harimau Muda rather than to be Harimau Malaya's Coach. With no react, he will obey with any decision made by FAM Committee.

Today the matters of Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya will be details discussed by Young Technical Commitee chaired by Tengku Mahkota Pahang Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

We hope to hear good news again from the committee because the future of Malaysia's Soccer will be benefit to Harimau Malaya and Malaysia Fans.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Why Rajagobal should retain his position?

We love to hear a good news from Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) about Harimau Malaya and Dato K Rajagobal. In the same time many Malaysia Fans asked for Rajagobal retirement? Which means different side of views will shared here.
According to Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad,  FAM General Secretary after reviewed and analyzed the failure of Harimau Malaya to retain the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 championship, they still believe that Dato K Rajagobal entitled to pursue a career as Malaysia Football National Coach. This is because his success to bring Selangor and Kelantan squads as a champion league ago. He brought Malaysia Football Under 23 to win Gold Medal at SEA Games 2009 and the first time ever coach to bring the title of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Championship for our country.
Meanwhile Shukor Salleh, Former Malaysia player with 215 carps represented Malaysia was giving in different point of views.  He said that Harimau Malaya has shown no improve especially in pattern of game and self-confidence. But difference to Thailand while they played with high level of confidence to win all the matches.

Shukor Salleh also known as 'Mr Cool' steered the middle field was crowned 'sportsman of the year' in year 1977 said that every coach must responsible for the performance degradation of the team. He said nothing improve of Harimau Malaya performance since year 2011 until now. So he should take responsible by admitted  his mistakes and resign.

Dato K Rajagobal will end his contract by end of year 2013. We hope the best from Dato to regain Malaysia's  people trust by show Harimau Malaya's improvement in many aspects before Asia Cup 2015. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Do have any idea or comments? Please leave here to share. All your opinions very much appreciated. Thank you.

Dato K Rajagobal will not resign?

Dato K Rajagobal won't retreat from his position as a Malaysia Football Coach. His ability to retain the AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012 was failed after lost to Thailand at semi final (Agg. 3-1). He said that he still has a mission for Asia Cup year 2015.

He still has agreement's contracts until December 2013 and will not retire before that. He leave all decision to Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) Committee if any provocation by Malaysia Fans.

He was appointed as a National Coach 2010 after succeed to bring Malaysia Football Under 23 won the gold medal at SEA Sport 2009.  Thereafter became champion of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 after defeated Indonesia at final.

On behalf FAM committee, Tengku Mahkota Pahang Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah as vice president want all Malaysia Fans to calm down and let's the matter to the FAM Committee.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister in Sports will not involved with the matters and leave it to FAM for any decision made. He said the pattern of Malaysia game  should be change according to some country like Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar have shown the progress of quality match recently. By long passed and play defensive games were conservative method should be change by short pass and play aggressive, agility  and create right space and time to score goal are the contemporary style of soccer nowadays.  

We have to wait the FAM meeting according to the mission failed to retain the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 by Harimau Malaya. Let's them discuss and make decision about management, players of Harimau Malaya and Dato K Rajagobal (if any),

I hope to hear good news and decisions from FAM Committee just for good of our football future.
Malaysia Boleh!!! X3 

Result : Super Series Badminton World Federation Final

First Malaysia badminton pairs, Koo Kien Keat - Tan Boon Heong once again failed to go for next stage of semi final in Super Series Final 2012 at Shenzen, China.
They started first match against China pairs, Cai Yun - Fu Haifeng but unluckily was beaten 11-21, 21-10, 10-21. Next game against former Olympics runner-up Denmark pairs Boe - Carsten, they won 21-19, 15-21, 21-18.

Unluckily, former Olympics Gold Medalist, Cai Yun - Fu Haifeng defeated by Boe - Carsten 21-14, 12-21, 14-21 to be runner up of Group A. Meanwhile another China pairs, Hong Wei - Shen Ye is runner up of Group B after defeated by Japan Pairs, Hiroyuki Endo - Kenichi Hayakawa.

This 'tactical' play planned by China just to avoid the meeting between their pairs at semi final. They managed to meet both of their pairs at final, hopefully.

Even though Koo Kien Keat - Tan Boon Heong failed to next stage, but their pattern of the game much improved and shown the good progress of prestige. They played  fast game and well defending to defeat Denmark Pairs. But the tactical planned by China ruined up Malaysia's dream to semi final.

Meanwhile a single player Liew Darren, second pairs Hoon Thien How - Tan Wee Kiong and mixed double Chan Peng Soon - Goh Liu Ling failed to go next stage when they lost in their groups competition respectively.

Number one World Single, Datuk Lee Chong Wei has to retreat from the championship after defeated by Du Pengyu according to leg injury.

With fully hope to new generation and management of Badminton Of Malaysia (BAM), we must works together to find qualified pioneers to represent the country as soon as possible before the senior team almost time's up. Malaysia Fans want to see good findings and revival of Malaysia Team for our future sports. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Dato K Rajagobal not get upset?

Who want to play for lose? Except you have tactical game behind this situation. What do you think Malaysia Fans expected? Of course to win, right? But it is only a daydream but a nightmare was happened last night. Harimau Malaya lost to Thailand 0-2.
 Almost 80% ball possession by Thailand players. Once again our lost because we have no good games strategy. It was liked 2010 when we played with the same tactical to score goal. It was same last night, no change!

Dato K Rajagobal looks have not much idea with limited team option (injured players and spelled out player). I think many options and chances should be rewarded to former Harimau Malaya's players like Hairudin Omar, Amri Yahya, Amirul Hadi, Saari Shamsudin, Piya, Chanturu etc.

We need young and senior players to team up and absorb pressure together. With many experiences at international level they will help young players by show 'matured game' and creates open game to pass, control ball and scoring goal.

Datuk Ahmad Shabery Chik was satisfied with the last night game? I hope by show his 'cools' reaction will be a good message to Dato K Rajagobal to changes and improve his coaching to Harimau Malaya and become more optimistic and be able to smell good players to choose for the country.

So what you guys think about that? If you have anything to say please leave your comments here and don't forget to 'Like' this page. Thank you Dato K Rajagobal, Harimau Malaya, Malaysia Fans and all of you outside there! This blog will continue with others sport news too like, Harimau Muda, Squash, Badminton, Sepak Takraw, Sea Games, etc (local and international sports events).


Malaysia vs Thailand second semifinal result

Tonight was a misery night and nightmare to Malaysia when defeated by Thailand 2-0, (won agg 3-1) at Supachalasai Stadium, Bangkok. Both goals were scored second behalf by T Dangda at 61 minutes and T Bunmathan at 65 minutes.

Fadzli Sas, Malaysia Defender was spelled out field when he received second yellow card after a bit quarreled with Thai striker. Harimau Malaya tried their best but unluckily got no luck when a few striking by Norshahrul Idlan Talaha was denied by Kawin, Thai goalie.

We lacked of back up. All long passed to Norshahrul Idlan Talaha always failed. Actually had no idea and failed mission for this second league of semi final.

So, what next of Harimau Malaya plan? Should Dato K Rajagobal retire? Tell us your comment here.

Thank you to all Malaysia Fans, and to Harimau Malaya we still love you guys. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Low class service by Thailand to Harimau Malaya

What was happened to organizer? We live in neighborhood but not show a respect to Harimau Malaya for second league of semifinal AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 at Bangkok. We are only provided with worse space or 'paddy field' for training place? Come on Thailand, this is not a low class of championship.

They were here at Kuala Lumpur before. We served and give security support or police escorted and give close stadium at Kompleks Latihan Maybank Bangi for their training. But now they treat us in low class of human being. What you wonder who we are? Another psychological warfare?? Come on Thailand show your respect to Malaysia, this is not the way that we hope from all of you White Elephant. We serve you in first class but you treat us like nothing!!

So Malaysia has lodged report to ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) and Football Association of Thailand (FAT) according to this situation of service. How come you can play with muddy field (like school field) without cloth changing room and broken goal net. Thailand paparazzi easily eyeing every step of training session conducted by Dato K Rajagobal.

I hope you guys face of these obstacles to get more strong and 'anger'. 'Anger' to score many goals and win the match against Thailand soon.

Malaysia Fans always prays for your victory and  success. Even though about 300 to 500 supporters (Ultras Malaysia) at Supachalasai Stadium but we are here give spirituals support to Harimau Malaya anywhere in Malaysia.

Once again we hope of Safee Sali, Syafiq Rahim, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha and the rest of Harimau Malaya's revivals to prevail! Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Rajagobal will use his 'secret weapon' at Bangkok

We have to wait until the kick off begin to see the best formula created by National Coach, Dato K Rajagobal against Thailand on 13th December 2012 . Without Wan Zack Haikal and Shakir Saari (injured) we hope he really can produce better result for aggregate goal against Thailand soon.

The best performance  shown at first league of semi final, should be able to produce more formula to Rajagobal for next second league of semi final. He is amongst the best and good thinker and will be generate the ideas during the match soon by Harimau Malaya.

By no hope to injured player, and a bit injury to Safee Sali and S Kunalan, he believe once again Malaysia will gain victory towards Thailand.

By calling Nazmi Faiz, Asaruddin Putra, Mohd Muslim Ahmad or Ashaari Shamsudin, is the Rajagobal's  'secret weapon'? I don't think so because first 22 players were already registered (final decision). Maybe some tactical change? or else?

What ever it is, all Malaysia Fans will happy if the 'secret weapon' really works and win the match at Supachalasai Stadium, Bangkok on 13th December 2012 at 7.00 p.m (Malaysia Local Time).

Last but not least all Malaysian addicting the victory from Harimau Malaya to win the match and book a final slot soon. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Careless Harimau Malaya has to work hard soon

Thailand succeeded to tied 1-1 with Malaysia looks has a chance when Harimau Malaya visit to Supachalasai Stadium soon. The team played with smooth and systematic passed and controlled almost 60%  of the match seems show no fear in front of almost 70 000 Malaysia Fans.

They really focused and marked every steps of the chances while Harimau Malaya forced to work hard to stop every movement made by White Elephant. Harimau Malaya more work on defends while we had only gotten a few chances to score goal but easily loose ball and failed mission.

They play and move every single corner and place to show how good of the game controlled by them. But an honours should be given to our defenders even though there were a few mistakes until Dangda punished the careless or less marked by defenders to tied 1-1 . 

We need to strike more and again. Every single chances must use to score goal not to loose them and  find again because a few chances got by Azamddin Akil and Norshahrul Idlan Talaha were amongst the best chances to get one or two more goals. Be focus and with right space and time we should produce many goal for our team.

To Harimau Malaya we will support you guys until end of the championship. Don't give up and we need such as Wan Zack Haikal to come back to support the attacking machinery soon. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Malaysia vs Thailand first semifinal result

Harimau Malaya and Thailand drew 1-1 at Bukit Jalil Stadium just now. Norshahrul Idlan Talaha was scored first goal at 49 minutes to lead the match. He almost score a second goal in 93 minutes when he got chance one by one with Thailand goalie but was deny by him.

While Teerasil Dangda was scored a goal at 78 minutes for Thailand to tied Harimau Malaya 1-1. Meanwhile Winfried Schafer, Thailand Coach was discarded out of the field by referee tonight for disrupted during the match.

The match tonight almost 60% control by Thailand. They played with systematic strategy especially strikers got many chances to score but ended with failed mission.

Harimau Malaya got more than 5 times to score goal but always failed too because less support or late pick up by other players.

For second league of semi final at Supachalasai Stadium, Bangkok on 13th December 2012 we hope Harimau Malaya will show aggressive game to get more goal and will guaranty slot to final.

Let's give 110% support to Harimau Malaya and believe this will end with good result soon and we always hope victory will be with us. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Safee Sali and Norshahrul Idlan Talaha ready ripping opponet goal

Thailand was arrived last night at KLIA Airport, Sepang with full confident to score many goal soon against Malaysia. Dangda and the rest players of White Elephant want to make sure Thailand will bring comfortable supply before second league of semifinal at Supachalasai Stadium,  Bangkok on 13th December 2012.

Meanwhile Harimau Malaya strikers' Safee Sali and Norshahrul Idlan Talaha are ready to storm opponent's defenders and make sure Malaysia will win with many goals against Thailand. Dato K Rajagobal believe the history of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 will come back according to similar of Malaysia's road to championship now.

Harimau Malaya will perform in front of millions of Malaysia Fans hope the best action and may victory will be with us again. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Record Meeting between Malaysia and Thailand

Dato K Rajagobal hope for some reason to substitute Wan Zack Haikal injury with another player who will able to play better than him. While others two, Safee Sali and Shakir Saari are still hope their luck after got injured before, we glad to here that S Kunalan and Khyril Muhymeen are now join the training session back since yesterday.

Meanwhile Norshahrul Idlan Talaha or Mat Yo was determined to score a goal  against Thailand after end with no goal scored yet. So we hope he can prove it soon.

Here is the records of the meeting between Malaysia and Thailand in Sea Games, Tiger Cup and AFF Suzuki Cup  1996 to 2012 (friendly not included) :-

1.) Tiger Cup 1996 (in group)
      Malaysia vs Thailand  1-1

2.)  Tiger Cup 1996 (Final)
       Malaysia vs Thailand 0-1

3.)  Tiger Cup 2000 (Semifinal)
       Malaysia vs Thailand 0-2

4.)  Sea Games 2001 (Final)
      Malaysia vs Thailand 0-1

5.) Tiger Cup 2002 (in group)
      Malaysia vs Thailand 3-1

6.) Tiger Cup 2004 (in group)
      Malaysia vs Thailand (2-1)

7.) Sea Games 2005 (in group)
     Malaysia vs Thailand 1-2

8.) Tiger Cup 2007 (in group)
      Malaysia vs Thailand 0-1

9.) AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 (in group)
     Malaysia vs Thailand 0-3

10.) Sea Games 2009 (in group)
       Malaysia vs Thailand 2-1

11.) AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 (in group)
       Malaysia vs Thailand 0-0

12.) Sea Games 2011 (in group)
       Malaysia vs Thailand 2-1

  • Malaysia  won 4 times
  • Malaysia draw 2 times
  • Malaysia lost 6 times

Thailand launches psychological warfare

While Wan Zack Haikal in dilemma of thigh muscle injury, Safee Sali, S Kunalan, Kyril Muhymeen and Shakir Saari conditions still hope their luck for 100% can perform too against Thailand. By today Wan Zack Haikal  will know his result of the injury after scanned yesterday.

Last friendly match against Thailand, he was not play the match (subs), and because of that he really excited once again to represent Malaysia for the match against Thailand soon.

Meanwhile Winfried Schafer, Thailand Coach launching psychological warfare against Malaysia when he believe the White Elephant was the Group A champion with 9 points (won all matches) is the key to book to final slot. He believe Harimau Malaya the only striker, Safee Sali capable of scoring goal but will be closely watched by the defensive line.

He acknowledged the rise and progress of Harimau Malaya after defeated Laos and Indonesia but still optimistic his boy will win against Harimau Malaya.

Harimau Malaya awakened by Singapore now in front of Malaysian Fans, they had shown the best game to defeat the rest thereafter.

We really hope Harimau Malaya will deny accusation or prediction created by Winfried Schafer to overcome Thailand with many goals (if possible) and then win entire match against Thailand. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Harimau Malaya will stop Proud Thailand

While the Thailand Team humours fully recovered, Harimau Malaya little bit anxiety with Wan Zack Haikal injury during training session yesterday.  A few others injured are Safee Sali, Khyril Muhymeen Zambri, S.Kunalan and Shakir Shaari. This is a bit spoilt for the preparation of the team.

It is nothing to worry but always get ready for the situation while we have many others option for substitution. We believe him (Dato K Rajagobal) has a remedy to cure and solve the problem. With not much pressure we hope another promise from Harimau Malaya will granted soon.

Meanwhile Malaysia National Coach, Dato K Rajagobal will arrange another friendly match against Polis tonight at Wisma Kelana Jaya Stadium to get momentum oamongst Harimau Malaya's players. This is very important but not experimental while the team already registered as a team. We hope they will perform well tonight and will win against Polis. We want to see the level of all players in good condition and perform like the former games in AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 (except against Singapore).

Meanwhile Thailand focused on attacking strategies  and confidently overcome Malaysia in their class of the game. But it is good to Malaysia while we just give our best to beat them too and leave the humours and their ambition behind. We have our target and aim, so we go for it!

To all Malaysian Fans let's pray for the victory and may god blessed our team to win against Thailand on 9th December 2012 at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Let's buy tickets now!!!
Malaysia Boleh!!!X3

How to stop proud Thailand?

As we knows Thailand had shown come back since their lost in group during AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. They proud to eliminate Myanmar and Vietnam from Group A even Philippines (group runner up) lost 2-1 to Thailand.

They got right time to boost up performance until semi final against Harimau Malaya soon. This only could be happen if they not work out with Malaysian Fans and environment at the first match at Bukit Jalil Stadium. If I not mistaken they already in KL to get friendly with Malaysia environment.

In soccer, nothing impossible. Today you can beat two or many teams but in final stage may be you will lose. Why this should be happened? Opponent team? Other Coach expection? So when we talk about opponent team of course they are ready to absorb pressure and play as usual game. But what is the main factor behind this situation?

Malaysian Fans is the result. Yes of course fans. Without fans no football. For long lasting game with good and high spirit of the team, they really need fans to absorb the pressure too. With fans, we got somehow spirit to performance game in different style or unexpected way to score goal. If you feel pressure nothing to worry but replace them before the syndrome overcome other players.

Since ball kick off, try to get first goal as quick as you can. This will blow triumph and give a strength to Harimau Malaya to create goal by goal (like match against Indonesia) until end of the game.

Last but not least, I believe Harimau Malaya once again can defeat White Elephant with help from 12th player (Malaysia Fans). Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Who are they in Harimau Malaya?

This was formation  of Harimau Malaya since first match. To all Malaysian Fans do you know them very well? So let's check it out!

1.  Farizal Marlias (GK)
2.  Mahali Jasuli (RB)
3.  Aidil Zafuan Abdul Razak (RCB)
4.  Mohd Fadhli Sas (LCB)
5.  Azmi Muslim (LB)
6.  Wan Zack Haikal Wan Noor (RW)
7.   Syafiq Rahim (CM)
8.   Shakir Shaari (CM)
9.   S.Kunalan (LW)
10. Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (FW)
11. Safee Sali (FW)

The Subs

12. Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (GK)
13. Bunyamin Umar (RB)
14. Zubir Azmi (LB)
15. Faizal Muhammad (CB)
16. Azamuddin Akil (CM)
17. Amar Rohidan (CM)
18. Gary Steven Robert (CM)
19. Ahmad Fakri Saarani (FW)
20. Badrol Bakhtiar (FW)
21. Ahmad Hazwan Bakri (FW)
22. Khyril Muhymeen Zambri (RW) 

Malaysia need consistency to meet Thailand

Last night was a great moment to all Malaysian Fans after beat Indonesia for semi final slot against Thailand. We should now focus on next game and leave the night with more confident step to play against Thailand.
We can see the consistency of good track of 'White Elephant' by winning all matches in Group A. We should take this as a good lesson too while Thailand think the last friendly match against Harimau Malaya was a good measurement for them to overcome Malaysia at semi final.

Now Harimau Malaya with new version just started their game after lost to Singapore at first match in AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. But nothing to worry about that because Dato K Rajagobal already has his expertise to solve this according his experiments before.

To Harimau Malaya, I think the best performance was at first half last night. With non-stop attacked and tried, with good ball possessed, this should be continued until finishing line (to final match). Create space and right timing then make a good movement is the key to control game. Every player must has 'sixth sense' where the ball will be next to pass and play side by side are the good strategies of the game. Don't let the ball by long pass but nothing. Because this will create the opportunities to opponent to control the match and non stop strike back.

To all Malaysian Fans what will be next, don't misjudge or condemn (destructive comment/support) to Harimau Malaya especially Dato K Rajagobal, give the best support with constructive comment and trust him because I believe he now keep thinking and do his job with restless and less sleep during the championship.

With slogan Malaysia Boleh, it is not impossible to us to get victory against Thailand. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Group B Result : Malaysia vs Indonesia

It was marvelous moment tonight when once again Malaysia won the match against Indonesia 2-0. First of all thanks to Malaysia Coach, Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya because filled up the promise.

During first half, we showed off everything we have until early 27 minutes Azamuddin Akil scored first timer goal. It is very lovely moment sharing with all Malaysian Fans.

About 3 minutes later Mahali Jasuli got one two short passing by Wan Zack Heykal in 'D Zone' area and made a good tried for second goal. Once again Malaysian Fans really enjoyed for the goal. We controlled almost 80% ball possession while Garuda got one to three tried but denied by Malaysia Goal keeper, Farizal Marlias.

For second half  no more additional goal while ball possession 60% by Garuda. With a little bit worry according to inconsistent performance and a bit injured of Nor Shahrul Idlan Talaha, our boys made much long passed (play safe).

Overall match, Harimau Malaya played almost in their class of game and mission for semi final accomplished!

We finished second in Group B after Singapore defeated Laos 4-3. Malaysia will meet Thailand on 9th and 13th of December 2012 at semi final. Luckily we home play for the first match at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Another match between Singapore and Philipinnes on 8th and 12th December 2012.

With full responsible to Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya, let's give 110%  commitment and focus for the country and with another promise to win the match. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3.

Harimau Malaya must beat Indonesia for semifinal

For Harimau Malaya has no more choice but win. No such word be defeated but victory. Get ready all position and  leave all nonsense away from your mind. Be cool but fast  action. Create chances and optimistics to score goal. While attacking, create good movement and passing. Play with agibilty and confidence.

Be consistent and positive thinking. Let's all pressure goes like that (easy come easy go). Control your game and striking with non stop. Do not stop to play before end whistle.

To all Harimau Malaya strikers create many space and time for shooting goal. Do not work out with many strategies but focus while controlling ball. Back up the members and always create great moves or chances.

To all Midfields don't let many space for opponent to pass. Recover the member to member position. DO NOT PLAY STATIC! KEEP MOVING. And one more thing, be flexible to all position.  

To Harimau Malaya defences please don't loose ball. Every step is very important. You are in red zone, do not delay and loitering around with ball but make good passing and clearance to strikers. Do good short passing one two but not to much and don't repeat careless mistake again.


msg: (Thinks this is such a Final Match of AFF Suzuki Cup 2012).

What is different between Malaysia and Indonesia?

We should thanks to Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya after listened to all  comment (construtively demand) and made drastic change to first 11 of Malaysia Team. Last night while Khairul Fahmi sat as a reserved and substitute Farizal as a keeper, little bit worry about that but now he had proven to perform well after played many friendly match before. What is the most important thing now about another last match against Indonesia in the group.

As we really know, not much gaps between Malaysia and Indonesia in many aspect. In football both country represented by local not ' Awang Import' to encourage others to play football for country. Both country give honor credibility to local coach to head country's soccer team respectively. The pattern of game both country love to play fast and agility move and passing.

One more time, Harimau Malaya should take advantages as a host and keep it up good work since last match against Laos to keep good track record until finishing line (victory). I hope all player watch out every step of opponent strategies and being coperative to each other to make goal by goal for the country.

Differences between Malaysia and Indonesia
  • First is about world rank, Malaysia currently ranked 163th while Indonesia ranked 165th.
  • Last International friendly match before AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Malaysia drew 1-1 to Hong Kong meanwhile Indonesia defeated Cameroon U23 2-0.
  •  In AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Malaysia won 4-1 against Laos and Indonesia drew 2-2 against Laos.
  • Malaysia attacking strategies move more on right and left wings but Indonesia love to play short passing and dribble in the middle part of the field to score goal.
  • Malaysia chance to score goal by free kick and Indonesia through one two passing in front of goal post.
To all Malaysian Fans let's join the seat and fill up every vacancy place at Bukit Jalil Stadium with 'Team Malaysia' slogan to make sure Garuda getting into small pieces and easily mauled by Harimau Malaya. All the best for Harimau Malaya. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 result : Malaysia vs Laos

Not much I can say tonight when Harimau Malaya defeat Laos 4-1. Earlier Laos Coach, Kokichi Kimura from Japan believe his boys with high spirit to ‘slaughter’ the tiger last night. He expected Harimau Malaya is now under pressure after lost 3-0 to Singapore. Vice versa his team defeated by Malaysia.

Laos in 179 world ranked represented by new generation was scored 2 quick goal against Indonesia before tied up 2-2. So Kokichi Kimura compared Malaysia and Indonesia game almost same. They believe to play 110% to defeat Harimau Malaya while we were under pressure to win the match.

Malaysia no longer to wait until 15 minutes kick off, the first marvelous goal scored by Syafiq Rahim for the free kick almost 15 to 25 meter from the opponent’s goal post. But after a few minutes before break, Laos had scored a goal touched by Aidil Zafuan body then over the keeper to get into the goal.

Malaysia second goal easily tap in by Safee Sali got chance one-two passing by Wan Zack Haykal in front of opponent goal keeper.

The third goal was heading in by Wan Zack Haykal after receive he lope ball  from Zubir and final goal scored by Khayrul Muhaimin.

Overall match Malaysia play in good performance against Laos who try to play one two short passing and quick game.

On behalf of Malaysian Fans, what had happened before was cured by the good match result last night and hope we will continue the rythme to win against Indonesia on Saturday, 1 December 2012 for the last round of Group B while Laos play against Singapore. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Why Malaysia lose to Singapore?

A former national player, Khalid Ali said Harimau Malaya defeated by Singapore was so embarrassed action that every Malaysian Fans won’t forget it. 

In  the past, Malaysia Team was so excited and  self-motivated when the match against Singapore in the soccer match.  But what was happened yesterday (Sunday), Harimau Malaya had no intention to fight. May be they already happy what they have now (comfortable lifestyle). May be they forgot something before they were respected and had been idols to all Malaysian Fans. So how about  Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya? Can you feel how Malaysian Fan’s hearts now?

Yesterday was not the best game shown by Harimau Malaya. With the game below average and the most  mission failed ever. Syafiq Rahim and his boys not play in their real level of class where they suppose to be right now.

Like us, Lions had made mistaken too but Harimau Malaya mistaken was very obvious, by running with no mission and less movement while mate got ball controlled like nowhere to pass and to do.

So is this the results of Dato K Rajagopal’s experiment? So it’s enough. Now is time to show all the findings and  gives your best football play with full commitment and cooperative to each others as a team.
With no good achievement, this year  Harimau Malaya ranked decreased according to international friendly matches results.

Khalid Ali also questioned on how Dato K Rajagobal choose the player with some of them are not entitled to represent Malaysia. This is not under 25 or 26 years old while many other seniors like Hairudin Omar and Amri Yahya are still amongst the best players for the country right now. He believe the seniors have shown their best and experience game while they played in Malaysia Super League 2012 recently. Like Alexander Duric now almost 42 years old still can score goal like what he had prove in the first AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 last Sunday against between Singapore versus Malaysia.

Whatever it is I still believe if they really learnt for  what was happened, it is still have time to prove by winning all the game after this, that is really the best Harimau Malaya ever, Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

How to play soccer for country?

Last night was so wonderful day for Singapore soccer team. They were in good mood and right way to defeat Harimau Malaya. Meanwhile, different situation on behalf Malaysia Team, only victory will give happiness to all Malaysian Fans.

Lion conquered the match since kick off until the end. With good support to each other, they look very strong to score 3 goal meanwhile many mistake created by Harimau Malaya made worse situation to our team.

Without interested to win the match what I can say about strategy to Harimau Malaya seems they did not interested to score any goal. From defends to strikers, after passed the ball they got static without create space to gain back the ball. With inaccurate ball passed it was no different play like Under 15 years old match.

Malaysian Fans are not enjoy with the team. May be Dato K Rajagobal forgot to create the best strategy after his experiment by experiment.

May be one more chance to Dato K.Rajagobal to prove his experiment will work by give his best to win against Laos on coming Wednesday 28th November 2012.

To all Malaysian Fans, let's fill up every seat in Bukit Jalil Stadium with fully and 110% support  to Harimau Malaya. Be supportive and pray for god for our victory soon...Malaysia Boleh!! X3

Malaysia vs Singapore on AFF Suzuki Cup 2012

Tonight Harimau Malaya was defeated by Lion 3-0. The Lion looks really in good mood to prove that they are still the best in Asian soccer. With four to seven ‘imported players’, Singapore plays in good and well performed tonight.

The first and second goal were scored by Shahrin (Lion Captain) and third goal scored by ‘imported player’. Meanwhile Harimau Malaya looks nothing special play at their home ground with a few shot tried to opponent goal post, lost so many time ball control, with inaccurate long and short passing.

Many ‘upset’ spectacles (Malaysian Fans) leave the stadium before 15 minutes to whistle over. It is about quality of the game. Dato K Rajagobal had forgotten something that he needs to hear from his friend’s expert on how to choose a player next time and how good they are. What was happened tonight was expected by crowd. He must listen to friend, Facebook, Twitter and etc otherwise he has to forget about next round if the team  lose again and again for three more match in the Group B.

Like Bunyamin and other players, they looks not well prepared for the tournament. They should forget tonight but Malaysian Fans heart only will be cured if they be able to win all the matches after this.

If this the same techniques like the past championship? During AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2010 we lost to Indonesia 5-1. I hope with practical same technique, I still can wait until next match again Laos on Wednesday, 28 November 2012. And what was happened tonight was another upset to us.

To Harimau Malaya listen to my heart, from behalf Malaysians Fan, only victory to all over the matches will make us happy. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Harimau Malaya need help from 12th player

Tengku Abdullah, Deputy President of Football Association Malaysia (FAM) today requested to all Malaysian Fans to play role as 12th player in pursuiting the title of AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012 that will begin tomorrow against Singapore.

" Give chances to Harimau Malaya, let them show their best performance in the championship. I want them prove it that they are the best team in ASEAN Country".

Supporters are very importants especially when Harimau Malaya will play at Bukit Jalil Stadium tomorrow. We want all of them to fullfill 100% seat if can. He just visited Wisma FAM Kelana Jaya today and hope 12th player role to help Harimau Malaya to win match against Singapore tomorrow.

This is the best regard from Tengku Abdullah to Harimau Malaya as low performed in all friendly matches recently. But Tengku Abdullah can feel good progress in Malaysian Camp and believe this  can be interpret while in kick off tomorrow.

Harimau Malaya are motivated and confidence after Sultan Ahmad Shah, President of FAM and Datuk Najib Tun Razak visit before. We hope they will play well and show high quality of game until we be able to win the title, Malaysia Boleh!! X3

Harimau Malaya learn from basic

We were the champion at the past but do not know now. Safee Sali was top scorer at the past AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2010. He wants to start to think about  coming championship from basic. All in the past was a history of good memories in his life and let it goes like that. Everything now looks new and just give your best to gain the title.

Safee Sali never thought and dreamt that he entitled to win the ‘gold shoe’ and just give his best game to make sure the title of champion in our hand. So he really feels excited to start kick off on this coming Sunday.

Two years ago we were beaten by Indonesia 5-1 at the very first matches in the group. Malaysia with no pressure for the title played very good indeed until we met Indonesia again in final with last Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2010. That was ago and we want to be in final again like this way. But as a champion, Harimau Malaya was depressed by the title winner.

Safee Sali and others hope this memories just been decayed off their mind and let’s start new episode with nothing impossible to retain the title back.

One more thing the Malaysia Team need all Malaysian Fans support and let’s what was happened in the past was past just goes like that. They plead to all fans be patients and don’t outlaw to act to something that bring not good to themselves and team.

In the group with Singapore, Loas and Indonesia, all matches will be played at Bukit Jalil Stadium. This should be an advantages to Harimau Malaya as a host. So we hope our team will well performed during the kick off soon. All the best for Harimau Malaya, all fans believe you can show you real best game soon.

Great support from Prime Minister to Harimau Malaya

Our Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak met Harimau Malaya at Wisma FAM, Kelana Jaya yesterday to see preparation for coming AFF Suzuki Cup soon. He spent half and hour with coach, Dato K Rajagobal and team manager, Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal to give fully support after disappointed friendly matches recently.

He believe with Harimau Malaya and Dato K Rajagobal that game performance will be in the best condition when the kick off start soon. To what was happened we take notes to get back in track and show the best game ever for the championship.

Malaysia will plays against Singapore on Sunday, 25th November, against Loas on Wednesday, 28th November and against Indonesia on Saturday, 1st December 2012 at Bukit Jalil Stadium.

As a leader, Datuk Najib Tun Razak representing Malaysia Government and all Malaysian Fans that we love Harimau Malaya and always give attention because want to see positive progress to the team especially for coming championship.

With hope to Harimau Malaya, all fans believe we will win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 and nothing imppossible to do it. 

Let's think about the AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012

After a few friendly matches  againsts Hong Kong (away), Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong (home) and Bangladesh, all Malaysian Fans were not happy because of upset by upset performance from Harimau Malaya seems we lack strike of engineering. Meanwhile loose back up of defensive line up made a lot of bad outlook for coming championship soon.

Many of us not believe that we can defending the title because of our boys performance. No such words could be given but bad comments to the team. Dato Ragagobal had admit his mistaken and try his best to manage his team back. Within a few days left before kick off against Singapore on 25th November 2012, all Malaysians show their anger and supportive comments because they love Harimau Malaya very much.

With last friendly match between Indonesia and Cameroon U23 draw 0-0 and undefeat Singapore against Pakistan 4-0, the opponents show their interests to plays top two country for second round in group B later on.

All first eleven for the Malaysia Soccer Team on your shoulders, we hope you guys will work hard and show your full commitment and responsible to win all matches. Wake up Harimau Malaya, you can do it, MALAYSIA BOLEH!! X3

Another upset story 9 Bangladesh players tied up Harimau Malaya 1- 1

This was real had story and had happen again (second time). Overall game played below average quality of game. Our boys so cool like evening game at home. The way their played were like training session (passing skill).

The game last night looks not good prospectives for coming AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012 for Malaysia. It is still like experimental again? Or passing skill (routinely doing in training session)? All Malaysian Fans not felt happy and made a big shouted to shock our boys to play as well as they had given last time. What they expected was so unexpected. We believe we can defeat Bangladesh with score 5 goal above but nearly lose to them while they just had 9 players almost got second goal chances after first penalty rewarded by left Malaysian Back (pushed Bangladesh Striker down to the field).

At first half, Safee Sali and Nor Shahrul Idlan Talaha played well and gave their best for trial score and pro active to shoot goal but many time denied by Bangladesh goal keeper. Until to 23 minutes crossed ball from right wingers, headed ball into goal post by Khairul Muhaimin for the only a score from Harimau Malaya. We almost to score more than that after many tried to score were denied by opponnet goal keeper.

After second half began,  Safee Sali and Nor Shahrul Idlan Talaha were substitued with Badrol Bahktiar and Aidil Zaquan looks not so comprehensive to play together. Maybe not suitable fixed up together were last with no goal until end of the game. No accurate and good try to score, lost so many ball, low in ball control and lack of ideas to score goal. Until one of Bangladesh Midfield was twice got yellow and red cards, all Malaysian Fans hope we can benefit from this situations but vice versa all Bangladesh supporters felt very happy with a goal scored by his striker after their striker was pushed back and felt down into our penalty area.

On my opinion, we able win this game but maybe our National Coach, Dato Rajagopal want to give a last try to a fews combination of players and make a decision to set up first eleven after the game. I hope he knows and keep doing what's in his plan for the team and on behalf of Malaysian Fans, we want a victory and  retain AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012.