Time for experiment

It is time for experiments. With full recommendations given by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to Datuk K Rajagobal to 'test' his team before the beginning qualifications of Asia Cup 2015 matches on coming February and Mac.

Before that Harimau Malaya will play againts Qatar for their first away friendly match on 6th February. With eleven day preparations according to Malaysia Super League will begin on 5th January and on, we hope this will not put as a reason if we lose to Qatar soon.

After that, Harimau Malaya will meet Yaman for their second test. They will given 12 days to prepare before the match on 22th of February.

With full pack yearly programs, Harimau Malaya maybe will be perform with or without involvement of players from Malaysia Football Clubs but any international friendly match involving Harimau Malaya will be given the green light to them to play while all local league will be postpone.

Meanwhile forward striker, Ahmad Fakri Saarani from Kelantan is ready to represent Atletico S.C. Portugal for six months after Nazmi Faiz Mansor represent S.C Beira Mar, Portugal.

Ahmad Fakri Saarani, 23 years old maybe got chances to represent the club on 6th January on the first match.  

With all the best for Harimau Malaya and Ahmad Fakri Saarani, we believe once again to all of you to win Asia Cup 2015. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Malaysia boleh menang dengan pasukan yg dinilai kembali pemain2 ye.

Malaysia Boleh


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