Dato K Rajagobal not get upset?

Who want to play for lose? Except you have tactical game behind this situation. What do you think Malaysia Fans expected? Of course to win, right? But it is only a daydream but a nightmare was happened last night. Harimau Malaya lost to Thailand 0-2.
 Almost 80% ball possession by Thailand players. Once again our lost because we have no good games strategy. It was liked 2010 when we played with the same tactical to score goal. It was same last night, no change!

Dato K Rajagobal looks have not much idea with limited team option (injured players and spelled out player). I think many options and chances should be rewarded to former Harimau Malaya's players like Hairudin Omar, Amri Yahya, Amirul Hadi, Saari Shamsudin, Piya, Chanturu etc.

We need young and senior players to team up and absorb pressure together. With many experiences at international level they will help young players by show 'matured game' and creates open game to pass, control ball and scoring goal.

Datuk Ahmad Shabery Chik was satisfied with the last night game? I hope by show his 'cools' reaction will be a good message to Dato K Rajagobal to changes and improve his coaching to Harimau Malaya and become more optimistic and be able to smell good players to choose for the country.

So what you guys think about that? If you have anything to say please leave your comments here and don't forget to 'Like' this page. Thank you Dato K Rajagobal, Harimau Malaya, Malaysia Fans and all of you outside there! This blog will continue with others sport news too like, Harimau Muda, Squash, Badminton, Sepak Takraw, Sea Games, etc (local and international sports events).



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Not upset?? Nak pertahankan jawatan le tu!


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