Rajagobal will use his 'secret weapon' at Bangkok

We have to wait until the kick off begin to see the best formula created by National Coach, Dato K Rajagobal against Thailand on 13th December 2012 . Without Wan Zack Haikal and Shakir Saari (injured) we hope he really can produce better result for aggregate goal against Thailand soon.

The best performance  shown at first league of semi final, should be able to produce more formula to Rajagobal for next second league of semi final. He is amongst the best and good thinker and will be generate the ideas during the match soon by Harimau Malaya.

By no hope to injured player, and a bit injury to Safee Sali and S Kunalan, he believe once again Malaysia will gain victory towards Thailand.

By calling Nazmi Faiz, Asaruddin Putra, Mohd Muslim Ahmad or Ashaari Shamsudin, is the Rajagobal's  'secret weapon'? I don't think so because first 22 players were already registered (final decision). Maybe some tactical change? or else?

What ever it is, all Malaysia Fans will happy if the 'secret weapon' really works and win the match at Supachalasai Stadium, Bangkok on 13th December 2012 at 7.00 p.m (Malaysia Local Time).

Last but not least all Malaysian addicting the victory from Harimau Malaya to win the match and book a final slot soon. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Apa da secret weapon! kasi tunjuk ajelah.


Go Malaysia go!


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