Malaysia vs Thailand first semifinal result

Harimau Malaya and Thailand drew 1-1 at Bukit Jalil Stadium just now. Norshahrul Idlan Talaha was scored first goal at 49 minutes to lead the match. He almost score a second goal in 93 minutes when he got chance one by one with Thailand goalie but was deny by him.

While Teerasil Dangda was scored a goal at 78 minutes for Thailand to tied Harimau Malaya 1-1. Meanwhile Winfried Schafer, Thailand Coach was discarded out of the field by referee tonight for disrupted during the match.

The match tonight almost 60% control by Thailand. They played with systematic strategy especially strikers got many chances to score but ended with failed mission.

Harimau Malaya got more than 5 times to score goal but always failed too because less support or late pick up by other players.

For second league of semi final at Supachalasai Stadium, Bangkok on 13th December 2012 we hope Harimau Malaya will show aggressive game to get more goal and will guaranty slot to final.

Let's give 110% support to Harimau Malaya and believe this will end with good result soon and we always hope victory will be with us. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Ape le malaysia main, tak best tapi okle Mahali n shahrul idlan main bagus harap boleh gol bnyk lagi nanti second round..InsyaAllah.


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