Nicol The Squash Legend

Datuk Nicol Ann David once again crowned with the title champion of Woman's Squash World Championship this morning about 10.00 (Malaysia Local Time) after defeated Laura Massaro (World No. 3) from England with 3-0.

Once again Laura Massaro was shocked with the fast game shown by Datuk Nicol Ann David. She looked little bit exhausted after her game yesterday against Raneem El Weleily from Mesir with challenging match to win 3-2 about 60 minutes. 

Meanwhile Datuk Nicol Ann David has no doubt to performance well and played on her outclass of the game was invited Laura Massaro to play fast and made confuse smashed and fast return.

Laura with many return ball errors looks exhausted during the middle of the game and lastly acknowledged her weaknesses easily to Nicol beat her with score 3-0.

Congratulation to Datuk Nicol Ann David and keep it up good works, you make us proud of you! Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

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