FAM please prove that we make mistake

Once again the issues of FAM leadership was highlighted yesterday after receive response about Datuk Razali Ibrahim Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports statement that disagree of resignation of FAM president. He said this is not a solution.

PFSLJ Spokesman, Al Fadli Awaludin said they are not mistaken agenda, just want to see the reshuffle of FAM leadership and president resignation to make a way for a new faces to liftings the quality of Malaysia Football in the eyes of the world.

If they are wrong, please prove it that every action taken against FAM is not right. They really fanatic football of Malaysia fans but do not care who are the new faces on FAM leadership. Please show the rightness of the statement by Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports. Prove that they are wrong.

Datuk Razali Ibrahim said that to manage Malaysia Football Team is not an easy job. This will involve a lots of funds. The progress or decrease of a soccer team is depends on the development plans of the sports itself.

Al Fadli disagree with the statement by Datuk Razali. He said that Football of United Kingdom is not rules by Queen Elizabeth leadership but it is organizing by corporate members and professional teams. About getting funds, it is not an easy job while to plan to built up the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) building but now physically the building is there. Many sponsored company will approach if they see the progress of Malaysia Team with the higher ranking achievement in football of world rank. He acknowledged this not an easy job but nothing is impossible.

While South Korea have about 500 echelon football teams but Malaysia only have Harimau Malaya and Harimau Muda (A to D). They really want to see some transformation not to ruling the leadership of FAM. Please prove if this is wrong.

So I hope all the matters above will be considered and discussed in good and harmony of meeting environment just to get consensus towards brighter future of Malaysia Football Team.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


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