How to stop proud Thailand?

As we knows Thailand had shown come back since their lost in group during AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. They proud to eliminate Myanmar and Vietnam from Group A even Philippines (group runner up) lost 2-1 to Thailand.

They got right time to boost up performance until semi final against Harimau Malaya soon. This only could be happen if they not work out with Malaysian Fans and environment at the first match at Bukit Jalil Stadium. If I not mistaken they already in KL to get friendly with Malaysia environment.

In soccer, nothing impossible. Today you can beat two or many teams but in final stage may be you will lose. Why this should be happened? Opponent team? Other Coach expection? So when we talk about opponent team of course they are ready to absorb pressure and play as usual game. But what is the main factor behind this situation?

Malaysian Fans is the result. Yes of course fans. Without fans no football. For long lasting game with good and high spirit of the team, they really need fans to absorb the pressure too. With fans, we got somehow spirit to performance game in different style or unexpected way to score goal. If you feel pressure nothing to worry but replace them before the syndrome overcome other players.

Since ball kick off, try to get first goal as quick as you can. This will blow triumph and give a strength to Harimau Malaya to create goal by goal (like match against Indonesia) until end of the game.

Last but not least, I believe Harimau Malaya once again can defeat White Elephant with help from 12th player (Malaysia Fans). Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Abu Hanifah mod

Thailand boleh kita alahkan..tiada yg mustahil bila tengok diorang hebat, kita mesti lagi hebat..InsyaAllah pasti berjaya.


Malaysia Boleh! mudah-mudahan Harimau Malaya menang. amin :)


kita tunggu hasilnya nanti..gajah putih bakal di baham harimau malaya *in sha Allah*


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