Focus on gold medal

Once again Ong Kim Swee will give his attention towards SEA Games 2013 preparations for Harimau Muda. He will not work out with previous mistake and reward but only focusing on the coming SEA Games.

Malaysia will defends the title of gold medalist two and four years ago on SEA Games 2013 will hosted by Myanmar. They will try to retain the title for the third time. As a former champion, this is the good track record to be a champion again.

Last final 2011, we defeated Indonesia and 2009 against Thailand. They also were the champion of Thanh Nien Cup.  To be success again, the team will undergoing the intensive training plans starting from now on.

Harimau Muda A will not rejoin Singapore League 2013 but will be replaced by Harimau Muda B, coached by Razip Ismail (former Kuala Lumpur player). Instead, Harimau Muda A will undergoing the course and training at Slovakia for 5 months that will begin on 15th March until August 2013. During the time, they will play about 15 matches.

Before that the team will play friendly match at Gold Coast Australia from 23th January until 6th February 2013.

After intensive training, Harimau Muda A will represent Malaysia for Pestabola Merdeka and Thanh Nien Cup before SEA Games on November 2013.

With fully supports on behalf of Malaysia Fans, we hope Malaysia once again will retain gold medal for sake of us. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


We luv to hiear about that, GO MALAYSIA GO!


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