Careless Harimau Malaya has to work hard soon

Thailand succeeded to tied 1-1 with Malaysia looks has a chance when Harimau Malaya visit to Supachalasai Stadium soon. The team played with smooth and systematic passed and controlled almost 60%  of the match seems show no fear in front of almost 70 000 Malaysia Fans.

They really focused and marked every steps of the chances while Harimau Malaya forced to work hard to stop every movement made by White Elephant. Harimau Malaya more work on defends while we had only gotten a few chances to score goal but easily loose ball and failed mission.

They play and move every single corner and place to show how good of the game controlled by them. But an honours should be given to our defenders even though there were a few mistakes until Dangda punished the careless or less marked by defenders to tied 1-1 . 

We need to strike more and again. Every single chances must use to score goal not to loose them and  find again because a few chances got by Azamddin Akil and Norshahrul Idlan Talaha were amongst the best chances to get one or two more goals. Be focus and with right space and time we should produce many goal for our team.

To Harimau Malaya we will support you guys until end of the championship. Don't give up and we need such as Wan Zack Haikal to come back to support the attacking machinery soon. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Georgia The Great Ibanese mod

Nothing impossible for Harimau Malaya, You can do it, Harimau Malaya Boleh!


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