Japan friendlies Club : Tokyo Verdy vs Malaysia XI result

Harimau Malaya ended the tour series with three friendlies club in Japan without a win or to score. The final match today, Harimau Malaya defeated to Tokyo Verdy from the second division club 5-0. 

In one week visit to Japan, Harimau Malaya lost 2-0 to the first division club, Shimizu S-Pulse last Tuesday. Two day later (last Thursday) before being humiliated by another division one club, Shonan Bellmare 5-0. 

Harimau Malaya is on preparation match against Bahrain in 2015 Asian Cup qualifier here in coming October. For the record, of 12 friendly matches this year,  the Harimau Malaya only recorded two wins, one draw and lost nine games.

Rajagobal should be given a chance?

 According to former Secretary of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Datuk Seri Ibrahim Saad said that Datuk K Rajagobal should be given the opportunity to coach Harimau Malaya until end of Asian Cup 2015 qualification next year.

He said any action to sack him (Rajagobal) is not the best way to solve the decline performance of Harimau Malaya in recent years.

Instead, he urged Rajagobal and his boys to restore their confidence and trust of their supporters by improving the quality of their games. 

"By winning every match including friendly experienced.

"He still not too late, try to listen the opinions and views of the senior or former footballers and 'old people'.

"I think this method will have no hurt feeling, in additional he will get useful inputs to form a stronger team.

"Personally, Rajagobal should be given a chance, at least until the expiration of the Asian Cup 2015, said Ibrahim yesterday. 

Over the past few months, local football fans and observers seem to have lost  patience with the poor performance of Harimau Malaya and it was the most reason why them wanted Rajagobal fired.

Two win over Yemen (2-0) in Asian Cup 2015 qualifier last March and 4-0 against Sydney Olympic (Australian club) in a friendly match last month were not able to cure and solve upset of every their fan's hurt feeling. In addition the major number of lost matches, nine times and drawn one in a recent years with latest match result lost to Shonan Bellmare 5-0 on Japans tours friendlies club are the most reason by the fans to take an action towards him (Rajagobal).

"Rajagobal should not be discouraged, it is common to a national coach to be criticized or  commented.

"We have given an earlier opportunity to Rajagobal for its plans for Asian Cup 2015 qualifying campaign. 

"I hope the fans can be patient and not necessarily by change of coach will guaranty to be able to improve the performance of Harimau Malaya in a short time," he said.

Rajagobal should retreat now

Situation is getting critical after Harimau Malaya failed to show the increment of their performance during the friendlies clubs in Japan since July 23.

Many observers consider the record of two wins from 12 matches at the international friendship could not give a positive result for the team.

The Harimau Malaya was humiliated by losing 0-5 to second-bottom team league of Japan, Shonan Bellmare last Saturday.

The defeat caused an anger, especially among fans of the Harimau Malaya.

Rajagobal also criticized after the team with static ranked at 159th in the world ranking of FIFA more interested in having a warm-up with a club team status.

Many critics, agree the right action to save the honor of the Harimau Malaya is to dismiss Rajagobal that is synonymous with the approach of players want to test or experiment.

Former football national coach, Wan Jamak Wan Hassan said him considers the action to dismiss Rajagobal not a solution but the FAM is able to assess the ability of former Selangor coach.

"I think the performance of the Harimau Malaya after winning the gold medal at the SEA Games 2009 in Loas and the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 was not able to survive until now.

"Rajagobal seen as 'strong' even though he often received criticism and cynicism from former national players and coaches.

"By sacked coach is not an exit door or something good for the team but FAM should be concerned about the natonal team's ranking," he said yesterday.

Tengku Abdullah urged Rajagobal to strengthen its team to face the important match against Barcelona at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on August 10.

He said, it is not the best time for Rajagobal to continue doing experiment but Harimau Malaya must come out with more convincing performance.

Meanwhile Kelantan's legendary, Dali Omar to come out with different tone when he considers the 57-year-old has run out of ideas to restore the reputation of the Harimau Malaya.

"In my opinion he had  been sacked and this was supposed to happen two years ago. Previously he has promised to resign voluntarily.

"I very much support Tengku Abdullah. For me, Rajagobal tactics had been shattered. We do not want experiment more. This method fits with school boy," he said.

Meanwhile, former national player, Khalid Ali fully supports the statement asserted by Dali that Rahagobal must retreat in respectful manner.

"Rajagobal is good but he has reached a saturation point. Everyone has limits and levels.

"Honestly, he can no longer to guide the Harimau Malaya. My advise, draw back. People will get mad if you stay longer.

"We need a better person," he said.

Harimau Malaya should not have to oppose with club status

Harimau Malaya which currently in Japan for a club friendlies, continuing to show action after being humiliated 0-5 by second-bottom team J-League Division One, Shonan Bellmare in second match last Saturday. Earlier, they lost 0-2 to Shimizu S-Pulse in the first action last Thursday.

Former Secretary-General of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president, Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Saad urged the national football governing department to reduce the involment of Harimau Malaya in a friendly match against club status.

He said that the game does not means anything such a coach of Datuk K.Rajagobal's team even it could affect their dignity and lost to less reputable clubs mainly from the second division and so on.

"When I became a Secretary-General ago, FAM has issued a guideline that prohibits the national coach to hold friendly matches with club teams except on invitation ticket match by the club.

"Friendly match against club does not give any points for the country. I was surprised at how FAM may provide such games lately," he said.

Ibrahim insisting FAM to increase friendly matches against other national teams, which should help to boost our football ranking which now at position of 159th of FIFA.

"FIFA have set there are a few months to hold  a friendly match between other official channels to their member countries to increase their ranking.

The friendly match organized to oppose other countries at their home will no cost to much. Instead as a hosts have to bear the big cost of the arrival of visitors.

About the team ranking of Harimau Malaya, Ibrahim said FAM as the main governing body of football in the country need to find immediate solutions to ensure Harimau Malaya rankings are not impaired.

"Probably the best 10 teams in the world refused to play with us, but FAM must devise strategies to organize matches with the teams ranked 100th on in the world.

"If we win over the country which better position than us, than they will increase the ranking, " said Ibrahim.

BAM new president requested a month?

"To be fair to a new leadership, we need to know all information from operational management to to review the present system.

Once legally Tan Sri Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff appointed as President of Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM),  he requested a month to come up with a new strategies and plans for development of badminton in our country.

"That's why I request a month before we come up with a strategy and plan to put the BAM in better position, he said yesterday after his appointment at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the BAM.

Club Friendlies Malaysia XI vs Shonan Bellmare result

Shonan Bellmare defeated Malaysia XI 5-0. This is a second friendly match through Japan's club friendlies and second consecutive defeat after losing to Shimizu S-Pulse in previous matches.

OFC Futsal Championship Invitational 2013 FINAL result : Malaysia vs Australia

Congratulations to Futsal Malaysia team as the runner up title.Malaysia team in 75th position of world futsal ranking lost 5-1 to Australia.

As conclusions, the team much improve and they were able to move far away. Any weakness should be improved after this to put the team in the best group of Asian team. 

Full results:-

27/7 : Malaysia vs Australia 1-5

26/7 : Malaysia vs Tahiti 3-3 (FT :2-2, Malaysia win on pens 4-3)

Group A
23/7 : Malaysia vs New Caledonia 8-3
24/7 : Malaysia vs New Zealand 7-1
25/7 : Malaysia vs Solomon Islands 4-1

Malaysia Cup 2013 poll

Group A
  2. ATM
  4. JOHOR

Group B
  1. JDT 
  2. PKNS
  3. T-TEAM
  4. FELDA

Group B

Group D
  1. LIONS 
  2. PERAK
  4. KEDAH

FAM-U15 Asean Frenz Tournament result: Malaysia Frenz A vs NFA Singapore

The hat-trick goals by Akhmar Haikal helped Malaysia Frenz A to achieve 3 points against NFA Singapore 3-1.

The win perpetuate Malaysia Frenz A notch in third place in Pool A in attempt to pursuit semi-final slot of FAM U-15 Asean Frenz Tournament behind league leader Thailand Chonburi FC and Vietnam PVF FA.

In another four matches remain, Malaysia Frenz A earned 15 points  compared to Vietnam PVF FA (17 points) and Thailand Chonburi (19 points) must win all the matches to make sure in the best two ranked goes to semi-final.

Today, Vietnam PVF FA seen no problems to oppose Cambodia Phnom Penh Crown which ranked last in the Pool A. Meanwhile Thailand Chonburi FC will play at Minicipal of Dili Stadium against Timor Leste U15 which expected to provide competition for the three points that restrict the opponent's dream.

Meanwhile Indonesia Frenz precede in Pool B with 23 points following by Malaysia Frenz B, 17 points and Myanmar Mandalay with 12 points. Malaysia Frenz B has a bright chance to step to semi-final while Indonesia Frenz has become the first team were in semi-final even there are still three matches to go.

Tomorrow Indonesia Frenz will oppose Myanmar Mandalay at Frenz Stadium, Janda Baik Pahang. Meanwhile Malaysia Frenz B will meet Philipines U15 in action in its own arena on August 2.

There is nothing lost, the fans still supportive

The Malaysian diving queen, Pandelela Rinong Pamg sent her sorry through twitter when she failing to earn a medal in the women's 10-meter platform at the FINA World Championships 15th in Barcelona yesterday.

"I'm sorry". She said this after she failed to bring the desired medal after only ranked sixth in the event. A fan is pinning hopes on her to bring a medal home. Likely she has a reason to said that.

Following the message last night through her Twitter account, she add:

"Thank you for supporting and watching. I'm sorry. I finished the race in sixth position.

"Maybe better luck in the future," she said.

But her supporters and fans unaccepted the message of apologize. One of them said the 20-year-old athlete inappropriate to apologize after her great achievement in the event was made the country proud of her. 

Please read the following feedback by her supporters, most of them are happy with her performance.

Harimau Malaya lost the first match in Japan

Harimau Malaya started Japan Tours 2013 with indecent step after being humiliated 2-0 to Shimizu S-Pulse in the first friendly match tonight.

Although only level of club status, Shimizu S-Pulse successfully leveraged the opportunity to play at home with good game and ahead 2-0.

The first goal by Jumpei Takaki at 48th minute and second goal by Yasuhiro Kiraoka in the 74th minute.

The club status team has no problem to overcome Rajagobal's team by controlling match and mastering the game.

Next, Harimau Malaya will opposing Shonan Bellmare on Saturday before the last friendly match against Japan J League 2, Tokyo Vardy on July 31.

Japan tours which in between July 23 until August 1 is in preparation for the Harimau Malaya against Bahrain in the 2015 Asia Cup qualifiers in Kuala Lumpur on coming October 2013.

FAM warning Rajagobal

Our new Secretary General of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin insisted Rajagobal has no right to simply actions to change the status of International friendly match from status A class friendly match into test match.

Chance to be the World Champion

Since two weeks ago, Datuk Lee Chong Wei free from injury has also show his impressive performance during training at the Juara Stadium in Bukit Kiara.

Malaysia XI vs Chelsea FC result

Chelsea defeated Malaysia 4-1. The first 3  Chelsea's goals were scored in the first half. Anyway the last goal was scored by Moses at 89 minute. Meanwhile the consolation goal on Malaysia behalf was scored by By Fadhli Shas at 91 minutes.

World University Games UNIVERSIADE 2013 : Mission failed

Malaysia completing their mission in failure when only occupied the 59th place overall. This is because we are only able to collect only 3 bronze medals. The position much difference compared to several other southest Asia countries are in better position like Thailand, Phillipines and Vietnam.

New faces new spirit in Harimau Malaya

National coach, Datuk K.Rajagobal satisfied with current performance of Harimau Malaya since last match against Chonburi FC when they drew 0-0 at National Stadium in Bukit Jalil yesterday.

Chelsea ready to face Asian "Tsunami"

Chelsea will start its first match against Thailand in their Roaming Asia Tours 2013 at Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok before opposing Harimau Malaya on Sunday 21st July.

Branislav Ivanovic admits that Roaming Asia 2013 Tours is the best field of preparation  for new season of English Premier League 2013/14 campaign. 

"We must do better preparation before the competition of English Premier League 2013/14 next month. 

"Every training is very important to follow because it will help us to face any resistance in every match soon," he said at press conference at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok last night.

Precisely, Ivanovic, 29, said his team tours opposing Asian football teams is the prescriptions of the team combination to Jose Mourinho to form a solid squad.

After Harimau Malaya, Chelsea scheduled to meet Indonesia team at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on 25th July 2013.

"We have to work hard to deal with "Asian Tsunami" teams to strengthen every position and quality of the game, " said Ivanovic.

Meanwhile Mourinho praised the enthusiasm and commitment shown by his players during training sessions since he arrived at Stamford Bridge last week.

"It's been a week in training together and will be meaningful of 14 times training sessions. So it was about 21 hours we work hard with high intensive soccer training.

"They looks exhausted but we were not worried because it is typical things after a week they practice. This time is very important but looks no one wants to stop and leave.

"They showed their good spirit. If this continuesly happens, they are able to achieve their ambition later," said Mourinho.

International Friendly soccer match result : Malaysia vs Chonburi FC

World University Games UNIVERSIADE 2013 soccer result : Malaysia vs Canada

Malaysia once again lost to it's opponent, when they easily defeated by Canada,  3-1.

Before, Malaysia easily beat Italy in the group, 2-0. Then Malaysia defeated by Great Britain 2-0 , With group runner up, Harimau Muda A qualified for quarterfinals against Japan. Unfortunately Japan easily defeated Malaysia 4-0. 

Therefore Malaysia meet Canada for placing 7th and 8th position. Unluckily again Malaysia easily defeated by Canada 3-1. We deserved for 8th place from 15 teams. 

Congratulations to Harimau Muda A but Ong Kim Swee's soccer team need more improvements to make sure they are more competitive in future especially when opposing big name in soccer sport.

Chonburi FC decreased the level of Harimau Malaya

"Let's think Harimau Malaya vs Thailand ", Withaya Laohakul, Chonburi FC coach early warned the friendly tonight against Harimau Malaya.

Whether trying to 'play' psychological or otherwise, Laohakul assume the strength of Chonburi team almost equal strength of the national team of Thailand.

Obviously, Chonburi FC will be strengthened by the presence of four of import players and lined up with six Thai national players. They are Sinthaweechai Hathairattanakool, Adul Lahso, Anucha Kitpongsri, Natthaphong Samana, Jetsadakorn Hemdaeng and Arthit Sunthornpit. While Chonburi players are imports from Indonesia are Irfan Bachdim, Kazuto Kushida (Japan), Anderson Dos Santos (Brazil) and Fode Diakite Bangaly (Ivory Coast).

"If they (Harimau Malaya) beat us, meaning that they have managed to beat Thailand in action tomorrow night (tonight)."

"I have always believed that our strength is seen very similar to the national team (Thailand) as a six national players in the Chonburi team."

"However, I realize that Malaysia is one of the great teams in Southest Asia."

"What is important now, we are excited and cannot wait to beat national class team," Laohakul said at the press conference at Wisma FAM, Kelana Jaya yesterday.

Mean, Chonburi's goalkeeper Sinthaweechai Hathairattannakool want to make the game against Harimau Malaya as important match.

This is because the who has made 71 appearances for the national team of Thailand's only being reserved when Thailand played against the Harimau Malaya at the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012.

"I know that Malaysia is a great team and at the same time, I realize it's great opportunity to have a games with Malaysia again.

"Now I am able to get the opportunity and I certaintly eager to help my club to win the match tomorrow (tonight)" he said.

Congratulation to Soo Teck Zhi Malaysia is the champion of Asia U-19 Youth Championship

Soo Teck Zhi in a class of its own after defeating South Korean sensation star, Jeon Hyuk Jin in single badminton final of Asia Youth U-19 Championship  at Likas Sport Complex, Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

He as placed as a fifth option of tournaments, 18-year-old was born in Selangor won 21-17, 13-21, 21-15 to the Hyuk Jin in a game lasted 55 minutes.

The Malaysian Badminton single hero just a glory moment that was created in Kota Kinabalu is the beginning of the mission  to hold  world youth champion.
He should joined the tournament last year but had involved in Asian School Tournaments. He also spawned  a sense of pride when he became the only Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) product which emerged victorius of of Asian Youth champion.
He is the repeating champion of the tournament after Zulfadli Zulkifli in India two years ago in the same tournament.
For the record, Lin Dan, Chen Jin,  and Cheng Long (China), Kenichi Tago (Japan) and  Park Sung-Hwan (South Korea) between the former champions in Asia Youth U-19 Championship .

U-19 World Youth Championship scheduled to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 23 October to 3 November 2013.

Harimau Malaya called, Piya ready to answer

Kelantan captain, Piya ready to respond to the show cause letter sent by FAM according to his failure to turn up at Wisma Kelana Jaya, FAM for camp training.

He will file a show cause letter , along with his health condition reports made by doctors in Kota Bharu one day after opposing Lions XII 6 July ago.

According to him, after examination, the doctor confirmed that he suffered a hamstring injury and advised to rest for two weeks without undergo such training.

"If you want a show cause letter, I'm ready to submit along with the medical report including physiotherapy team officials report, " he said.

He had made called to Cheng Ho, assistant coach to inform his injury but he asked him (Piya) to come and made a report.

However according to doctors who perform his checks before, they told Piya to follow the extend checks in Kota Bharu.

He added if FAM not satisfied with the report, he ready to go to KL to report the training camp. Anyway he will face action from FAM due to his failure to report to national team squad training session that was begin last Thursday. 

Seven of Kelantan players, Piya, Khairul Fahmi Che Mamat, Mohd Norfarhan Muhammad, Ahmad Fakri Saarani, Mohd Shakir Shaari, Nik Mohd Shahrul Azim Abdul Halim and Azizi Mat Rose are called for Harimau Malaya training session to prepare for international friendly matches this month.


World University Games UNIVERSIADE 2013 soccer result : Malaysia vs Japan


Malaysia were knocked out in the quarter-final against Japan yesterday. First two goal in first 6th minute and two more goal at last 10th minute of the match has resulted in the defeat of Malaysia to Japan, 4-0.

In Japan, University teams given the opportunity to play in the Emperor's Cup (FA Cup) whereas participated by professional soccer teams from major league, J.League. 

Unlike Malaysia, university soccer teams to play in Higher Studies Institutions (IPT) league only.


Piya failed to turn up at FAM

The Red Warrior captain, Mohd Badhri Mohd Radzi or Piya will face action from FAM, as a result of his failure to present for training session that begins yesterday. 

Harimau Malaya Manager, Datuk Subahan Kamal insists that him (piya) will be given a show letter for not join the training camp without giving any reason. He must come or reported in any situation to Datuk K. Rajagapol's camp training even inflicted with injury.

" Any player injured should report first before physiotherapy officially examine the injuries," said him more about Piya's situation.

"Many people pointing fingers why do we not call him (piya), even they no nothing about the matter arises. "

"There were some times we call this player but sometimes they do not want to come. We not take action because we want player who are really interested in joined Harimau Malaya", said Datuk Subahan."

"However we will use the existing provisions to take action against players who do not turn up at training camp without any reason."

"For Piya situations, we have to be fair and will send-cause letter to him tomorrow (today)," told Subahan to reporters at Wisma Kelana Jaya yesterday.

Piya not report to follow the national camp since last Thursday. The 31-year-old  inflicted hamstring and miss the flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Piya  was not joined Harimau Malaya during their friendly tour matches at Australia football tour series last month mound of injuries.

For record he just make two appearances during Harimau Malaya lost 1-4 to Saudi Arabia and beat Yemen 2-1.

"We want to know what reason why Piya is absent before making any conclusions. I will seek clarification from Piya or Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) because it is procedure and policy of FAM," said Datuk K.Rajagopal.

Chonburi FC is one of great level of football class?

Many of us do not know the level of Chonburi FC from Thailand. Harimau Malaya will play the friendly match against one of the great level of football club.

The answer given by Datuk K. Rajagobal when he was denied to comment on Harimau Malaya failure rankings on why he prefer to opposing team club.

Chonburi FC lined up with six Brazilian players and he sort the game as the 'high class' match. So Rajagopal look at this as a good opponent to challenge for preparation against Chelsea or Barcelona soon. 

He also expressed to give audit to Japan Football Association (JFA) for inviting Harimau Malaya to have friendly match with thre Japanese football clubs.

Meanwhiles 27 players including two new faces reporting to training camp at Wisma Kelana Jaya, yesterday. Both new players are replacing two Azamuddin Mohd Akil (broken arm and Mohd Badhri Radzi (hamstring).

While Safiq Rahim and Mohd Safee Sali is under review according to  injury. We hope all players have the best track records while representing national team.


Harimau Malaya misses match against A Class team

According to the latest rankings released by FIFA, last week, Malaysia rank 159 still as position last month. 

We must be aware of Malaysia rating is not very good and we must take steps to improve the situation.

If Indonesia can manage the game against Netherlands, why we can do that? In same time Malaysia ranked is better than Indonesia.

According to Datuk Shukor Salleh, Malaysian Football Legends, he describes the fail of the ranking is about the failure of Datuk K.Rajagobal to organise friendly match with other national teams.

We most often see Harimau Malaya team play friendly match against countries team but play more on clubs status, that is not positive step.

We deny the match against Singapore recently but went for football tour to Australia's football clubs.

So the question is how long we want opposing teams to play against clubs? Now it's up to management to determine the direction of the FAM team to a better team.

On Tuesday, Harimau Malaya scheduled to play friendly match against Chonburi FC , third place in Thailand First Division before the friendly match against Chelsea on 21st July 2013 at Shah Alam Stadium.

Later, this month Harimau Malaya will have three-Malaysia friendly match with Japan clubs before Harimau Malaya scheduled to play friendly match against Barcelona at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on 10th August 2013.

We understand him (Datuk K.Rajagopal) tries his team strengths and weaknesses but better manage to do friendly match against other national team not clubs.

The two victory on AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 and SEA Games 2009 cannot be measurement to achieve next success but must create another injection to be more successful in the future.

If we want a better position, we should play against the national team but not opposing club.


Australia want to be 12th member to AFF Suzuki Cup?

The host for the Asian Cup 2015, Australia will become the 12th member of the ASEAN Federation of Football (AFF), when discussing his participation in the Extraordinary Congress FAM Southeast Asia, on 25th August 2013.

"Their participation are not considered a big scare to ASEAN when they confirms not to send the national team to play in the tournament of AFF Suzuki Cup.

"If according to the plan, AFF will held the meeting of the Board of Directors on August 25, and before that, we will held an extraordinary conference to carry in Australia as a member of the AFF 12th.

"But then I personally consider this letter, which gives Australia the condition, that they do not play in the Suzuki Cup AFF, but in an era of competition, women and football," said the Secretary-General of the BPP, said Azzudin Datuk Ahmad told a news conference.


World University Games (UNIVERSIADE) soccer result : Harimau Muda A vs Great Britain


Malaysia cannot afford to continue the excellent rhythm after defeating Italy, losing to the greatness of Great Britain 2-0.
Most of the players were suspended for a red card and injury. Therefore only 13 of them including reserved are allowed to represent the team.
Harimau Muda A Coach, Ong Kim Swee has submitted an appeal letter to the organizers to release several players suspended according to inadequate player in the team. The petition requested that his players called from Malaysia but was not allowed by the organizers. This is the most reason why Harimau Muda lost to Great Britain.

Malaysia will play another pool match against Algeria on Wednesday 10 July 2013.

Hockey World League 2013 full result at Johor Bahru Malaysia

1 . Germany vs Argentina 4-2
2.  England vs South Korea 2-1
3.  Malaysia vs Japan 5-4 (penalties)
4.  Pakistan vs South Africa 6-2

5.  Malaysia
6.  Japan
7.  Pakistan
8.  South Africa

Those first 4 ranked  qualified for Hockey World Cup 2014

Malaysia Super League 2013 results

Selangor tied JDT FC with 1-1 to lead both qualified for Asian Football Club (AFC) 2014.

While ATM lost 1-0 to Perak. Perak end at rank seventh of the league and ATM at sixth place.

Kelantan win 2-0 against Singapore Lions XII  to sit at fourth place but miss for AFC 2014.

While Felda United have made Negeri Sembilan in misery with scored 2-1.

Pahang at fifth place after confirmed its place by beat Selangor PKNS. 

Terengganu and PBDKT tied 2-2.