Chelsea ready to face Asian "Tsunami"

Chelsea will start its first match against Thailand in their Roaming Asia Tours 2013 at Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok before opposing Harimau Malaya on Sunday 21st July.

Branislav Ivanovic admits that Roaming Asia 2013 Tours is the best field of preparation  for new season of English Premier League 2013/14 campaign. 

"We must do better preparation before the competition of English Premier League 2013/14 next month. 

"Every training is very important to follow because it will help us to face any resistance in every match soon," he said at press conference at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok last night.

Precisely, Ivanovic, 29, said his team tours opposing Asian football teams is the prescriptions of the team combination to Jose Mourinho to form a solid squad.

After Harimau Malaya, Chelsea scheduled to meet Indonesia team at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on 25th July 2013.

"We have to work hard to deal with "Asian Tsunami" teams to strengthen every position and quality of the game, " said Ivanovic.

Meanwhile Mourinho praised the enthusiasm and commitment shown by his players during training sessions since he arrived at Stamford Bridge last week.

"It's been a week in training together and will be meaningful of 14 times training sessions. So it was about 21 hours we work hard with high intensive soccer training.

"They looks exhausted but we were not worried because it is typical things after a week they practice. This time is very important but looks no one wants to stop and leave.

"They showed their good spirit. If this continuesly happens, they are able to achieve their ambition later," said Mourinho.


As a Man Utd fan, I would like to see our boys beat Chelsea by a handsome margin :D Come on Harimau Malaya. Malaysia Boleh!


We should be given credit to HM if they can beat Chelsea, hope so.


macam mana nak buat ni sy bukan sokong team chelsea heee...


saya tak tahulah nak komen apa sb bukanya tahu sgt bab2 bola luar negara ni whu,,,


Please support Harimau Malaya..i hope you like it.


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