Australia want to be 12th member to AFF Suzuki Cup?

The host for the Asian Cup 2015, Australia will become the 12th member of the ASEAN Federation of Football (AFF), when discussing his participation in the Extraordinary Congress FAM Southeast Asia, on 25th August 2013.

"Their participation are not considered a big scare to ASEAN when they confirms not to send the national team to play in the tournament of AFF Suzuki Cup.

"If according to the plan, AFF will held the meeting of the Board of Directors on August 25, and before that, we will held an extraordinary conference to carry in Australia as a member of the AFF 12th.

"But then I personally consider this letter, which gives Australia the condition, that they do not play in the Suzuki Cup AFF, but in an era of competition, women and football," said the Secretary-General of the BPP, said Azzudin Datuk Ahmad told a news conference.


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