Harimau Malaya 'eat' Garuda

It was the glorious night when victory belongs to Harimau Malaya yesterday. They bet Garuda 3-2 after had struggled 97 minutes at Gelora Bung Karno National Stadium Indonesia for World Cup 2022 Qatar qualification.

While Indonesia earlier scored their first goal at 12th minutes by Alberto Goncalves after received through ball passed from Saddil Ramdani. Malaysia has to wait until 37th minutes for a goal after Sumareh easily made a run and shot the goal. What the superb change when Sumareh  just took about 18 second after substitute Hadin Azman.

Indonesia not to wait long and easily made their second goal again by naturalise player from Brazil, Alberto Goncalves in just 2 minutes after that to lead the match 2-1 until end of first half.

Syafiq Ahmad had shown his quality hard work job when headed into the goal at 66th minutes after reveived lob pass from Sapawi Rashid.

Meanwhile the match stopped about 10 minutes after Indonesian fans made a chaos and several of them try to ram Malaysian area. 

They were really want to start provocation against Malaysia fans since earlier appearance of Ultras Malaya at Gelora Bung Karno National Stadium that day.

The crowd went terrible after third goal scored by Sumareh at extra time, 97th minutes after received ball passed by Matthew Davies. 

It was a sweet victory for Malaysia eventhough chaos made by Garuda fans. The match was so thrilled until Malaysia show a comeback to win the match 3-2.

Meanwhile Thailand and Vietnam draw 0-0 in another Group G World Cup 2022/ Asia Cup 2023 qualifying match. 

Why football?

Many people know what is football or soccer. As many of them can play football. But not all of them can play well in football.

To be a good footballer, we need a lot of time to practice. If you don't have much time to play, but love to watch English Premier League (EPL), please do not try EPL skills into your fields. In fact, its really worthless.


Come on guys, its not same because EPL is in their own class of football game. With all of the players fully skillfull and profesional in football, please don't daydream to play like them obviously, of course take sometimes.

To be the greatest footballer in history like Pele and Maradona, you must everyday play football. Like eat football and sleep football, can you do that?

For sure we cannot afford more than what we think. For me, I used to play football but now  my age getting old to be like 20 years ago. What I can do is to share with new footballer, i.e children, the love moment and memories how to play basic in football. Football is the king of the game eventhough The World Cup 1994 only 40% United States population reliase the competiton was held in their country.

Football will be able to gather all races to unity. They love to watch in the same times they can talk and share the moment each others. With passion and desire we express the game in our styles. Conclude together with unity without knows where each people come from.

We hope too, our national team Harimau Malaya will be able to perform in the world cup soon. Come support our team that will play against Garuda Indonesia on 5th September 2019 at Gelora Bung Karno National Stadium, Indonesia.

We really hope Harimau Malaya can play very well and be able to defeat the Garuda. This is qualification of World Cup 2022. Really hope sunshine bright with us soon. Come on Harimau Malaya, you guys can do it!