FAM warning Rajagobal

Our new Secretary General of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin insisted Rajagobal has no right to simply actions to change the status of International friendly match from status A class friendly match into test match.

This is because Hamidin described the status change is the major factors Harimau Malaya ranked fall. He added the ranking in International Football Federation (FIFA) is very important. He said that since his first day on 1st July taking over from Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad as a secretary general of FAM. He will ensure this matter will not happen again.

Thus, Hamidin hope to change the status of friendly of class A match to test match against Iraq (lost 0-2 last February), Saudi Arabia (lost 1-4 in March) and Palestine (lost 0-2 in March) does not repeated. 

"However, I don't want to blame anybody due to the change in the status of the match.

"Keep in mind that sometimes not all the time that we set according to the opponent situation.

"The most important is every coach must be sensitive  and decisive when the match was fixed, we are obliged to play.

"We need to strive and improve the ranking of Harimau Malaya from now on.

"So FAM will schedule the calender after FIFA calender released next year for the date of status A class match final action.

"Next year, there are nine date set for holding international matches. FAM has sent a letter of application to associations of football from Europe, Africa, Asia and Southeast Asian countries. But we prefer more friendly match against Southeast Asian countries.

"We have to work from now on to avoid any overlapping schedules or cancellation of the match at the last minute, " he said.

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