Rajagobal should be given a chance?

 According to former Secretary of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Datuk Seri Ibrahim Saad said that Datuk K Rajagobal should be given the opportunity to coach Harimau Malaya until end of Asian Cup 2015 qualification next year.

He said any action to sack him (Rajagobal) is not the best way to solve the decline performance of Harimau Malaya in recent years.

Instead, he urged Rajagobal and his boys to restore their confidence and trust of their supporters by improving the quality of their games. 

"By winning every match including friendly experienced.

"He still not too late, try to listen the opinions and views of the senior or former footballers and 'old people'.

"I think this method will have no hurt feeling, in additional he will get useful inputs to form a stronger team.

"Personally, Rajagobal should be given a chance, at least until the expiration of the Asian Cup 2015, said Ibrahim yesterday. 

Over the past few months, local football fans and observers seem to have lost  patience with the poor performance of Harimau Malaya and it was the most reason why them wanted Rajagobal fired.

Two win over Yemen (2-0) in Asian Cup 2015 qualifier last March and 4-0 against Sydney Olympic (Australian club) in a friendly match last month were not able to cure and solve upset of every their fan's hurt feeling. In addition the major number of lost matches, nine times and drawn one in a recent years with latest match result lost to Shonan Bellmare 5-0 on Japans tours friendlies club are the most reason by the fans to take an action towards him (Rajagobal).

"Rajagobal should not be discouraged, it is common to a national coach to be criticized or  commented.

"We have given an earlier opportunity to Rajagobal for its plans for Asian Cup 2015 qualifying campaign. 

"I hope the fans can be patient and not necessarily by change of coach will guaranty to be able to improve the performance of Harimau Malaya in a short time," he said.

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