Why FAM leadership called for retirement

It is the biggest issues but was hidden for so long and now burst out for the sake of Malaysia's Soccer development. Why this happened? Of course the Malaysia Fans will no more tolerate after doing reviews and findings of Malaysia Football team performance had shown no progress and downgrading level of game's play. We are still at the back while the others Asia's Country have shown the good or better progress nowadays.

So here is the problem issues by the 'brave die hard fan's association:-

  • The level of Malaysia Football is at D grade whereas not qualify to join the Asia Championship even to playoffs.
  • Performance of National Team with no direction.
  • Football system with no clear mission ad vision.
  • Inefficient management and no accountability.
  • Unhealthy culture according to FAM president status.
 So all Malaysia Fans were impressed with the matters above. Everyone got clear explanation that within 28 years, FAM has made a lot of change. We had already interchangeably 21 coaches, fourth time FAM Secretary changes, staffs, vice and assistant of president exchange also building repaint and cut the grass at the Wisma Kelana Jaya, everything done. So what else?

So the issues should be clear and hope to hear good news from the FAM feedback soon. Please do this for the sack of Malaysia Soccer Team. Anyway we love the president and always be positive for good future of football development. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3.


Good action and bright idea..


please do this for the sake of malaysian football


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