Fans have made unanimously decision

Majorities of Malaysia Fans share the same reasons with petition letter submitted to FAM leadership. They want to see transformation in management to bring bright future for Malaysia Soccer Team.

Kamarrudin Ahmad, former national player 1985-1991 said that FAM should give opportunities to other qualified corporate member to manage top leadership as done by Japanese. Furthermore, the transformation must be do it now while our quality of game as same grade as Timor Leste.

We can see a different with Japanese that we had started Semi-Pro League 1989 while Japanese at 1991. Now they are more advanced than us but we still not much change.

So, on behalf of Malaysia Fans, PFSLJ Spokesman, Al Fadli Awaludin said that FAM leadership has been so long holding post since 28 years ago. It should be given new lease now.

For the sake of football of Malaysia, there is no intention to topple the leadership of FAM but looking after the positive changes in the future.

Meanwhile in another situation, Ong Kim Swee not yet reveals Harimau Muda Players lists name to undergoing the training at Australia soon. He still has 20 days to decide about that. He will make sure the selected players are in 100% fit before any decision made. Unluckily three of them were injured and will not called to Australia. There are A. Thamil Arasu, Fandi Othman and Syahrul Azwari Ibrahim.

The Harimau Muda has defeated Sarawak for their friendly matched yesterday 4-2. Ong Kim Swee really felt happy and satisfied with the performance of Harimau Muda and believe his players are in right tracks to retain gold medal of SEA Games 2013.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Ramai orang support benda ni. Sudah banyak 'LIKE' pasal benda ni (suruh Presiden FAM letak jawatan). Pertimbangkanlah demi menaikkan mutu bola sepak Malaysia kembali di mata dunia. Ape guna pangkat jika tidak dilunaskan sepenuhnya..banyak persoalan di Akhirat nanti..Semoga kita tergolong org Mukmin sejati,Amin.


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