Kim Swee with no more daydream

Let the last SEA Games in sweet memories. We were the gold medalist winner at 2011 but now is a new agenda for the SEA Games 2013. While it was the great celebrations to Ong Kim Swee's birthdate too for the past, he won't put the new agenda on his sake of himself for the coming SEA Games. He will make sure the Harimau Muda's preparation started from now on.

 It is an accidently again the next SEA Games 2013 will be conducted on December next year. While the birthday anniversary is on 11 December 2013, nothing special but to retain the gold medal.

Harimau Muda will be in well perform starting from now, no more experiments and much change but training. They will continue for local and international friendly matches to manage good commucations and cooperations in the team. With a few new players, this is the best time to each others to know one another.

For the records, Harimau Muda had twice won two overseas tournament and fourth place at Singapore League 2012. Maybe they will continue with join one of the European League six months before coming SEA Games 2013.

Malaysia Fans will always hope the best from Harimau Muda to cure the pain at AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 ago for Harimau Malaya. Believe you can do it and be the best to beat the rest. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3.


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But we still need extreme experiments, what say u?


Hope all well for Harimau Malaya. Btw, having difficult to read your post la bro. The HM banner is blocking it FYI.


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