Malaysia need consistency to meet Thailand

Last night was a great moment to all Malaysian Fans after beat Indonesia for semi final slot against Thailand. We should now focus on next game and leave the night with more confident step to play against Thailand.
We can see the consistency of good track of 'White Elephant' by winning all matches in Group A. We should take this as a good lesson too while Thailand think the last friendly match against Harimau Malaya was a good measurement for them to overcome Malaysia at semi final.

Now Harimau Malaya with new version just started their game after lost to Singapore at first match in AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. But nothing to worry about that because Dato K Rajagobal already has his expertise to solve this according his experiments before.

To Harimau Malaya, I think the best performance was at first half last night. With non-stop attacked and tried, with good ball possessed, this should be continued until finishing line (to final match). Create space and right timing then make a good movement is the key to control game. Every player must has 'sixth sense' where the ball will be next to pass and play side by side are the good strategies of the game. Don't let the ball by long pass but nothing. Because this will create the opportunities to opponent to control the match and non stop strike back.

To all Malaysian Fans what will be next, don't misjudge or condemn (destructive comment/support) to Harimau Malaya especially Dato K Rajagobal, give the best support with constructive comment and trust him because I believe he now keep thinking and do his job with restless and less sleep during the championship.

With slogan Malaysia Boleh, it is not impossible to us to get victory against Thailand. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Belated Saddam Hussin mod

InsyaAllah Malaysia will win against Thailand...I follow.


If Harimau Malaya continues giving their best..i'm sure they can win against Thai...GO HARIMAU MALAYA GO :)


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