AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 result : Malaysia vs Laos

Not much I can say tonight when Harimau Malaya defeat Laos 4-1. Earlier Laos Coach, Kokichi Kimura from Japan believe his boys with high spirit to ‘slaughter’ the tiger last night. He expected Harimau Malaya is now under pressure after lost 3-0 to Singapore. Vice versa his team defeated by Malaysia.

Laos in 179 world ranked represented by new generation was scored 2 quick goal against Indonesia before tied up 2-2. So Kokichi Kimura compared Malaysia and Indonesia game almost same. They believe to play 110% to defeat Harimau Malaya while we were under pressure to win the match.

Malaysia no longer to wait until 15 minutes kick off, the first marvelous goal scored by Syafiq Rahim for the free kick almost 15 to 25 meter from the opponent’s goal post. But after a few minutes before break, Laos had scored a goal touched by Aidil Zafuan body then over the keeper to get into the goal.

Malaysia second goal easily tap in by Safee Sali got chance one-two passing by Wan Zack Haykal in front of opponent goal keeper.

The third goal was heading in by Wan Zack Haykal after receive he lope ball  from Zubir and final goal scored by Khayrul Muhaimin.

Overall match Malaysia play in good performance against Laos who try to play one two short passing and quick game.

On behalf of Malaysian Fans, what had happened before was cured by the good match result last night and hope we will continue the rythme to win against Indonesia on Saturday, 1 December 2012 for the last round of Group B while Laos play against Singapore. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

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