What is different between Malaysia and Indonesia?

We should thanks to Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya after listened to all  comment (construtively demand) and made drastic change to first 11 of Malaysia Team. Last night while Khairul Fahmi sat as a reserved and substitute Farizal as a keeper, little bit worry about that but now he had proven to perform well after played many friendly match before. What is the most important thing now about another last match against Indonesia in the group.

As we really know, not much gaps between Malaysia and Indonesia in many aspect. In football both country represented by local not ' Awang Import' to encourage others to play football for country. Both country give honor credibility to local coach to head country's soccer team respectively. The pattern of game both country love to play fast and agility move and passing.

One more time, Harimau Malaya should take advantages as a host and keep it up good work since last match against Laos to keep good track record until finishing line (victory). I hope all player watch out every step of opponent strategies and being coperative to each other to make goal by goal for the country.

Differences between Malaysia and Indonesia
  • First is about world rank, Malaysia currently ranked 163th while Indonesia ranked 165th.
  • Last International friendly match before AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Malaysia drew 1-1 to Hong Kong meanwhile Indonesia defeated Cameroon U23 2-0.
  •  In AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Malaysia won 4-1 against Laos and Indonesia drew 2-2 against Laos.
  • Malaysia attacking strategies move more on right and left wings but Indonesia love to play short passing and dribble in the middle part of the field to score goal.
  • Malaysia chance to score goal by free kick and Indonesia through one two passing in front of goal post.
To all Malaysian Fans let's join the seat and fill up every vacancy place at Bukit Jalil Stadium with 'Team Malaysia' slogan to make sure Garuda getting into small pieces and easily mauled by Harimau Malaya. All the best for Harimau Malaya. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Syabas sesuatu yg menggumbirakan kami..


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