Pangkor helps Harimau Malaya to reduce pressure?

AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012 is a week to go. Perspectives and probabilities or expectations for this coming cup discussed all over Malaysian Fans everywhere. Even in warung kopi, office, restaurants, and all public places, this is about big issues of discussions. With just little hope and big worry, Malaysian Fans had viewed the last second game against Hong Kong last time is a measurement to what Dato Rajagopal had said is just big consciousness to solve as soon as possible. Therefore two players dropped out by him,  Mohd Azammuddin Md Akil and R Gopinathan were drastic action because not performed very well.

Amongst players still and keep thinking many problems and that's why our coach has to choose to a group of players trip to Pangkor Island for a few days. This is a good ideas and supported by all Malaysian Fans. Little bit worry will reduce with easy come and easy go to what was happened at the past. Forgiveness by Aidil Zafuan only can be pay back with good quality of defence and alert with the opponent and smell the opportunities to score.

This is a good treatment while other ASEAN country are busy with  last preparations of training and technique to gain the champion cup. We almost to achieve our goal but a few problem in attacking and defensing have to rectify while at Pangkor. But most important think is coperation with many ideas of opening game patterns and create the best structures of scoring many goals as well as optimism the game play.

What the best to think now is let's reduce pressure and increase supportive action and remember why we play the game is just to win the championship. That's all for what the best on my side for Harimau Malaya.

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