Soccer result Malaysia vs Thailand

We just finished international friendly game against Thailand 2-0 (8 November 2012). This is because we tried our best and almost 60% controlled the game, unfortunately less sharpened in striking any goal. This is a few statistics that we can share on my opinion :-

i. Long passing too many times

Since beginning of the game, we tried with this technique but until end of the game it's look like not work. The strategies was read by the opponent but it's pattern almost 70% continued until the end. This is too much while our player still continue give chances to opponent caused by long passed failure and they got a goal on second half.

ii. Lack of attacking idea

Most of strikers tried to get through the defence by with strategy one to many opponent. It is obvious and many time happened until we can expected what will happened next after strikers got ball and then loose it many times.

iii. Less coperative support while attacking

By strategy one to many to break through the defence, strikers had a few second only to controlled the ball until easily loose it because the rest players hope passing from 10 to 20 metres from the long distances. Much more the opponents had agility and speed to overcome Malaysia players.

iv. Too relax while controlling ball

We almost loose the ball so many time while trying to controlled and passing at comfort zones but it was less work. 

In this game, the opponent using most of the time by passing short distance and using techniques one two short distance passing. We need to opened game situation at short and long distance while attacking. At least another two players keep moving (one wait at short distance and another one keep moving nearby the second player). Maybe another player from defence position come to help strikers to interrupt the defence tied up. Of course the opponent will defensive while we were doing attacking. Let's play with many ideas in passing, controlled, techniques and strategies. Think faster and confidently and make decision as soon as possible before we loose ball again and again.