AFF Suzuki Cup Championship we will prevail!

It is time to show off who is the best. While everything is already well-prepared nothing else to scare but prove that we can do it! Put aside all negative comment but take advantage to retain the title. All Malaysians with high and fully support believes that we be able to retain the championship.

How to play? Control? Passing? Drible? Technic and strategy? All kind of this questions about football should not be worried anymore. Like players, they just play and focus how to gain goal by goal. Pressure? Of course it will be part of the story. If all players of every ASEAN country feel same pressure but we already experienced this since at Bong Karno Stadium last time (2010). Success by success we gained until we prove that we were champion, right? Maybe more than last time, our history of championship story started since Mokhtar Dahari eras. Like South Korea that we had defeated them in 80an. More than that we were in the best five soccer in Asia ranked previously.

Let's do it again with nothing is impossible we be able to defeat all Indonesia, Singapore and Laos. They really knows what our team have. They studied already our game strategies and tecniques. They put all effort to learn how stop our team from score goal. Our National Coach has many ideas how to create powerful formulas to set up the best football game ever.

Last but not least, all dream nothing impossible to be realistic while the rest of players given full support from our Malaysian supporters. Go Malaysia Go! You can do it!!