How to play soccer for country?

Last night was so wonderful day for Singapore soccer team. They were in good mood and right way to defeat Harimau Malaya. Meanwhile, different situation on behalf Malaysia Team, only victory will give happiness to all Malaysian Fans.

Lion conquered the match since kick off until the end. With good support to each other, they look very strong to score 3 goal meanwhile many mistake created by Harimau Malaya made worse situation to our team.

Without interested to win the match what I can say about strategy to Harimau Malaya seems they did not interested to score any goal. From defends to strikers, after passed the ball they got static without create space to gain back the ball. With inaccurate ball passed it was no different play like Under 15 years old match.

Malaysian Fans are not enjoy with the team. May be Dato K Rajagobal forgot to create the best strategy after his experiment by experiment.

May be one more chance to Dato K.Rajagobal to prove his experiment will work by give his best to win against Laos on coming Wednesday 28th November 2012.

To all Malaysian Fans, let's fill up every seat in Bukit Jalil Stadium with fully and 110% support  to Harimau Malaya. Be supportive and pray for god for our victory soon...Malaysia Boleh!! X3


There's not much to say except how I'm so happy for this defeat. Yes you heard me!

And for the record, I'm from Malaysia, born and bred educate here but unfortunately, being subject of being treated a second class citizen.

Which is why is always a nice feeling when a team filled with idiots good nothing Malays from Malaysia, who receive all thus bull $hit special right treatment being smacked in this @$$ by Malays from Singapore who earned their credit based on merit.

I hope there's more to come for you bunch of orang utans.

Natural Malaysina Lover mod

Hye there..from your story, I pity to hear about that. Anyway what happened to our country is better than other countries. Why? The mixed up culture, variety of society, we can find a lots of friends, good neighbour surrounding and we live in peace and harmony. Here we celebrate more than five grands celebration days for each races. Don't you feel that? If not may be u so conventional and try to forget our country history. So be happy where ever and what ever you do my friend. I love my country so much MUUUAH!!

-always live in peace and harmony person with moderation lifestyle-


Of course it's better FOR YOU than any other country. Why?

You get all the privileges and benefit this country by virtue of your ethnic background and that you don't have to compete with other races to EARN the right for a place in University, Job, Business Opportunity, Share Market, Government Bonds etc.

How would you feel if all those is taken away and now that you must compete on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD? I'm sure it $ucks a lot for you coz you know for a fact your people just don't stand chance after years of being spoiled with stupid cronyism, corruption NEP.

Natural Malaysina Lover mod

You not happy? Me too but I really understand what’s going on ur mind. I got no chances to further study to IPTA too but I still happy because now I’m doing business on my own money. I learnt from Chinese how they can survive here since they were immigrant ago from China. I spent little money but saving more, now I already businessman with no tear with no hope to government tender, etc, still can survive what?? For ur information I come from poor family with no help from anyone but God. I always thanks to God for what I’m being rite now.

Eventhough I have a bit dissatisfaction to government for IPTA disqualified but I still enjoy and want to be Malaysian all the time.

What happened to our politics rite now as part of our life style because every members got advantages for what they do (win-win situation). Almost 70% Malaysian Millionnaires are Chinese with 2 Indians. But Malays less than that. Almost 50% businessman in Malaysia are come from nonbumis. So what you said if this still not fare and square??

That’s natural as a human being, every where or anything is not belongs to them or dissatisfaction to some situation or decision will always last with irrational thinking and action. Thinks positive and believe in ur mind what will happen tomorrow is about now what we doing and leave behind negative thinking while many others thing we should think together for our future. Thanks my friend.

-always live in peace and harmony person with moderation lifestyle-


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