I don't care anything but the champioship.

This is time for chill out. While the past seems nothing effect our national team. He never care what was happened in the past but look forward for the best game showmanship for coming AFF Suzuki Championship 2012. This is time not to show off yet but hide out from public.

Now even they in vacation but still doing some society contribution around Pangkor. This is good idea eventhough a lot of thing burden on our Harimau Malaya' shoulders. All fans look not so happy with his teams and he should not act anything but quiet. Even one word may interfere his plan. I hope he'll be in good condition with no react that may subsequence in bad situation.

Recently many stories about his attitude while him looks so cool (it's fine but not so cool la). I am sure all about him is about asking him for retirement being Malaysia National Coach since Tan Sri Annuar Musa humours about him last time.

Like him,  I agree with him with his words "I don't care what people say about my boys". At least they live awhile out of people. I like that but must promise to all fans for the title back, ok?

Anything goes wrong, every one must responsible for that. What I try to say is we must accept him until he finish his job. Do not blame him and be supportive (moral, charity, etc). For what was happened should not be return. We hope the best from you, Dato' to save Harimau Malaya from this disguesting episode. Malaysia Boleh! (x3).


Already lost, how many time u want lost???


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