Why Malaysia lose to Singapore?

A former national player, Khalid Ali said Harimau Malaya defeated by Singapore was so embarrassed action that every Malaysian Fans won’t forget it. 

In  the past, Malaysia Team was so excited and  self-motivated when the match against Singapore in the soccer match.  But what was happened yesterday (Sunday), Harimau Malaya had no intention to fight. May be they already happy what they have now (comfortable lifestyle). May be they forgot something before they were respected and had been idols to all Malaysian Fans. So how about  Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya? Can you feel how Malaysian Fan’s hearts now?

Yesterday was not the best game shown by Harimau Malaya. With the game below average and the most  mission failed ever. Syafiq Rahim and his boys not play in their real level of class where they suppose to be right now.

Like us, Lions had made mistaken too but Harimau Malaya mistaken was very obvious, by running with no mission and less movement while mate got ball controlled like nowhere to pass and to do.

So is this the results of Dato K Rajagopal’s experiment? So it’s enough. Now is time to show all the findings and  gives your best football play with full commitment and cooperative to each others as a team.
With no good achievement, this year  Harimau Malaya ranked decreased according to international friendly matches results.

Khalid Ali also questioned on how Dato K Rajagobal choose the player with some of them are not entitled to represent Malaysia. This is not under 25 or 26 years old while many other seniors like Hairudin Omar and Amri Yahya are still amongst the best players for the country right now. He believe the seniors have shown their best and experience game while they played in Malaysia Super League 2012 recently. Like Alexander Duric now almost 42 years old still can score goal like what he had prove in the first AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 last Sunday against between Singapore versus Malaysia.

Whatever it is I still believe if they really learnt for  what was happened, it is still have time to prove by winning all the game after this, that is really the best Harimau Malaya ever, Malaysia Boleh!!! X3




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