Let's help Malaysian Team to retain AFF SUZUKI CUP 2012

It is time for Rajagopal to get back in championship. No more experiment, no more add on new players and no more turning back. Try to winning Malaysians heart by concentrate on how to win over Hong Kong on 14th November 2012. All Malaysians was really enjoy with the past but now feel not good in mood. But we knows that it is not an easy job to retain the championship. By what he had promised that we were lost at the first game maybe still can be used as a good reason why we had lost to Vietnam and Thailand recently.

But we believe that Datuk Rajagopal got his own recipe to tied up in any probabilities and have his own credibilty to answer all issues that what was happened to our team. I really understand that he is now work up with many thing bear in his mind all days and night.

It is like what was happened to our junior team coach, Ong Kim Swee after bad presentation played by our team last time, he really needs all Malaysians support to give the team moral support and believe to what was going on is just a beginning to be a champion. Untill he prove it to qualify for second and third round in Olympics qualification in London 2012 all Malaysians can accepted what was he had said before.

Now what is going on to Malaysia Senior team same like what was happened to Our Junior team last time. So, do not act like nonsense and stop critise him. Maybe can critise construtively but not destructively. Let's believe and give him time to prepare and repair any weakness in strategy and techniques, formation and management. Once again what we, Malaysians want to know is only success.