Another upset story 9 Bangladesh players tied up Harimau Malaya 1- 1

This was real had story and had happen again (second time). Overall game played below average quality of game. Our boys so cool like evening game at home. The way their played were like training session (passing skill).

The game last night looks not good prospectives for coming AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012 for Malaysia. It is still like experimental again? Or passing skill (routinely doing in training session)? All Malaysian Fans not felt happy and made a big shouted to shock our boys to play as well as they had given last time. What they expected was so unexpected. We believe we can defeat Bangladesh with score 5 goal above but nearly lose to them while they just had 9 players almost got second goal chances after first penalty rewarded by left Malaysian Back (pushed Bangladesh Striker down to the field).

At first half, Safee Sali and Nor Shahrul Idlan Talaha played well and gave their best for trial score and pro active to shoot goal but many time denied by Bangladesh goal keeper. Until to 23 minutes crossed ball from right wingers, headed ball into goal post by Khairul Muhaimin for the only a score from Harimau Malaya. We almost to score more than that after many tried to score were denied by opponnet goal keeper.

After second half began,  Safee Sali and Nor Shahrul Idlan Talaha were substitued with Badrol Bahktiar and Aidil Zaquan looks not so comprehensive to play together. Maybe not suitable fixed up together were last with no goal until end of the game. No accurate and good try to score, lost so many ball, low in ball control and lack of ideas to score goal. Until one of Bangladesh Midfield was twice got yellow and red cards, all Malaysian Fans hope we can benefit from this situations but vice versa all Bangladesh supporters felt very happy with a goal scored by his striker after their striker was pushed back and felt down into our penalty area.

On my opinion, we able win this game but maybe our National Coach, Dato Rajagopal want to give a last try to a fews combination of players and make a decision to set up first eleven after the game. I hope he knows and keep doing what's in his plan for the team and on behalf of Malaysian Fans, we want a victory and  retain AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012.

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