What a wonderful world of football in Malaysia. Here we have many talented player like Safee Sali, Syafiq Rahim, Badrul Bakhtiar, Gary Robert and many more. With National Coach, Datuk Rajagopal, most probably hope to win the AFF Suzuki Cup may still with us again.

In my opinion overall game technique and strategy are really up to date. According to latest perform with Malaysia team, it is seem may be one more time we still can retain the championship.

We have tried for so long until it was a good time last time while we were a champion year 2010. With Malaysia rank 161 we successed to defeat Indonesia infront of thousand fans at BongKarno Stadium, Jakarta Indonesia.

Now we talk about Malaysia techniques and strategies of the game used by Datuk Rajagopal.

Experimental Friendly Game
By give  a chances to play from multple selected player to represent Malaysia for International friendly-game it is really helpful to fix suitable player to every position.

Select many young players
It is sound like a newborn to play for the country but really effective. By choose correct youngster footballers from local premier leagues, it is works! Such as Nadzmi Faiz now play with Beira-Mar Portugal and Safee Sali played with Pelita Jaya Club Indonesia (now with Arema Malang Club).

Strategies and Techniques will be discussed next chapter....