Malaysia vs Singapore on AFF Suzuki Cup 2012

Tonight Harimau Malaya was defeated by Lion 3-0. The Lion looks really in good mood to prove that they are still the best in Asian soccer. With four to seven ‘imported players’, Singapore plays in good and well performed tonight.

The first and second goal were scored by Shahrin (Lion Captain) and third goal scored by ‘imported player’. Meanwhile Harimau Malaya looks nothing special play at their home ground with a few shot tried to opponent goal post, lost so many time ball control, with inaccurate long and short passing.

Many ‘upset’ spectacles (Malaysian Fans) leave the stadium before 15 minutes to whistle over. It is about quality of the game. Dato K Rajagobal had forgotten something that he needs to hear from his friend’s expert on how to choose a player next time and how good they are. What was happened tonight was expected by crowd. He must listen to friend, Facebook, Twitter and etc otherwise he has to forget about next round if the team  lose again and again for three more match in the Group B.

Like Bunyamin and other players, they looks not well prepared for the tournament. They should forget tonight but Malaysian Fans heart only will be cured if they be able to win all the matches after this.

If this the same techniques like the past championship? During AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2010 we lost to Indonesia 5-1. I hope with practical same technique, I still can wait until next match again Laos on Wednesday, 28 November 2012. And what was happened tonight was another upset to us.

To Harimau Malaya listen to my heart, from behalf Malaysians Fan, only victory to all over the matches will make us happy. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Syabas Bette Singapore


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