Harimau Malaya learn from basic

We were the champion at the past but do not know now. Safee Sali was top scorer at the past AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2010. He wants to start to think about  coming championship from basic. All in the past was a history of good memories in his life and let it goes like that. Everything now looks new and just give your best to gain the title.

Safee Sali never thought and dreamt that he entitled to win the ‘gold shoe’ and just give his best game to make sure the title of champion in our hand. So he really feels excited to start kick off on this coming Sunday.

Two years ago we were beaten by Indonesia 5-1 at the very first matches in the group. Malaysia with no pressure for the title played very good indeed until we met Indonesia again in final with last Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2010. That was ago and we want to be in final again like this way. But as a champion, Harimau Malaya was depressed by the title winner.

Safee Sali and others hope this memories just been decayed off their mind and let’s start new episode with nothing impossible to retain the title back.

One more thing the Malaysia Team need all Malaysian Fans support and let’s what was happened in the past was past just goes like that. They plead to all fans be patients and don’t outlaw to act to something that bring not good to themselves and team.

In the group with Singapore, Loas and Indonesia, all matches will be played at Bukit Jalil Stadium. This should be an advantages to Harimau Malaya as a host. So we hope our team will well performed during the kick off soon. All the best for Harimau Malaya, all fans believe you can show you real best game soon.


Nothing specail about Malaysia.


Specail, hahaha wrong spelled!!!


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