Bangladesh is waiting but how...?

Latest ranking for Bangladesh is 171. It is seems not far away from our ranking. But why we challenge or accept to challenge them? It is ok, but we are almost retreat step by step behind. Maybe sound like to sore throat before the AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012 on 25th November against Singapore.

Manipulations are keep playing around management from side of supporters. But ridicilously, Malaysia Team, Harimau Malaya still can retain the championship. Maybe little bit pressure after every ASEAN country acknowledged we were a champion 2010, beaten by Vietnam, Thailand and draw with Hong Kong in friendly match recently. I think this is a good idea while suddenly we lost game to them and let them think that we were less umph! for coming championship.

What was written in online Berita Harian today (15 November 2012), we focus to take notice to overcome or solving problem slowly . To our National Coach, Datuk Rajagopal be cool and calm while answering any propaganda, issues or speculations about his team performance but not show off to them why we losts so much.

We let Hong Kong take granted and it's hope not happen again. We seems to do same practice by accurate shot or long one-two passing but it is really works! Congratulations! And now we have many ideas while experience as a priority to set a wonderful game and win the championship again.
Malaysia Boleh! X3

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