How to retain AFF Suzuki Champioship 2012?

To win over something is just a little thing to think but it is really hard to think about one game. How to win all the games are the most thing that National Coach, Datuk Rajagopal have to make sure well prepared to the team have been managed very well. In this situation every aspects and parts have to work hard.

In many things, we want to be a champion. How do you do that? This is how to be a champion.

While others opponents already studied our team on advantages and weakness, they already know how to defeat us. So what do you need to do is make and create many ways in team management, strategies and techniques. May be we can create more than ten types of attacking skills. Let's everyone involved and give them chances to shoot goal during training. Learn one two shooting in more quality and confidence control and driblling ball in long and short distance situation.

Get back to back support
It is only keeper always in his position but the rest do not just rigid in his position only. No comfort zone but any situation is ready to get and control ball.

All must be creative. You are striker and also back. You are back and also striker (depends on space and time).

More coperative
Every one must get short distance to help each others and make sure until the end of story can shot goal from expect and unexpect situation.

I really hope we can retain the championship.