Take five to struggle back.

Time almost come but a few minutes to think is better than any implementation. With just a few minutes leave, our National Coach Datuk Rajagopal must struggle to increase speed and tie up any weaknesses to get back on line. Let's check this:-

Firstly, all players have to be self-esteem, how to overcome any problems especially internal and external situations. With no barrel from any other things, cases and etc, in the world but football.

Learn from the past but not much think what was happened.
Learn from the past not mean regret to what was happened. It really 'feel wonderful' to touch up a beautiful beach scene on drawing paper by using many color pencils. The drawing is already beautiful and let's make it more beautiful drawing by choose suitable color, right?

My country is number one
While playing football while you are feel to lose,  increase your energy of spiritual and patriotism. It is really useful weapon to boast up your energy until limit to gain your goal of the game.

Let's be coperative and friendly talk to each player
To reduce stress, this is very important. Let's have really friendly chat amongst players. Talk about Facebook, Automotive, else than football (let's management think about strategies and techniques). It is 7 days a week and 24 per days until competition time. (Thinks to achieve goal during training session only).

Increase confident and dare to try
All players have chanced to score goal, including keeper but it's not all the time of game. Most important is be active to gain and controll ball then make great decision in just a few seconds, do not think how to cook asam laksa noodles but think how to get instant noodles of asam laksa easily.
With no exprience to but have high self confidence, it is not impossible with one touch or first timer in great space and time may be can score  goal and goal until we believe we can defeat the opponent with high satisfaction.

Lastly all the best to our national players and do not retreat before we lose.