We draw 1-1 to Hong Kong last night

This another episode had happened to Harimau Malaya last night. First half, almost 65% ball posession by oppanents They got 4 tried and 2 straight shot to goal post. With every team got one yellow card and Hong Kong played with 10 players almost 15 minutes to end of the game, our team still cannot show their best game yet.

For all Malaysians, we were really upset little bit and worried to what was happened last night. We lacked of ideas of attacking and most dangerous was at mid field position. We lack of support at mid position and not show fully support from others so much.

Too much short passing at the end opponent can read and get the ball from weakless return ball to keeper by Aidil Zafuan. It  seems they really not take seriously and little bit unconsciousness surrounding them.

Low stamina like was happened to striker, Nor Shahrul Izlan while he got a good chances to score but he deny it by weakless left leg tried. I think Datuk Rajagopal should know about him and replace him with other player. What I can say, almost 50% of players not fit.

On my opinion, we can score many goal and defeat Hong Kong 3-0 like last time. But may be we feel "Hong Kong, nothing to worry, we had beaten them". That's why the point we draw.

Come on player show your fully strength and power of game that will last forever in high quality game. What we want to see, you guys show your cooperation and play high spirit of game and never ever blame outside while actually we can be a champion again.

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