Let's think about the AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2012

After a few friendly matches  againsts Hong Kong (away), Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong (home) and Bangladesh, all Malaysian Fans were not happy because of upset by upset performance from Harimau Malaya seems we lack strike of engineering. Meanwhile loose back up of defensive line up made a lot of bad outlook for coming championship soon.

Many of us not believe that we can defending the title because of our boys performance. No such words could be given but bad comments to the team. Dato Ragagobal had admit his mistaken and try his best to manage his team back. Within a few days left before kick off against Singapore on 25th November 2012, all Malaysians show their anger and supportive comments because they love Harimau Malaya very much.

With last friendly match between Indonesia and Cameroon U23 draw 0-0 and undefeat Singapore against Pakistan 4-0, the opponents show their interests to plays top two country for second round in group B later on.

All first eleven for the Malaysia Soccer Team on your shoulders, we hope you guys will work hard and show your full commitment and responsible to win all matches. Wake up Harimau Malaya, you can do it, MALAYSIA BOLEH!! X3

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