Raja to find the best formula oppose Bahrain

Former national coach, Wan Jamak Wan Hassan insist that Datuk K.Rajagopal should find the best formula to meet Bahrain on October 15.

Wan Jamak reviewed after Harimau Malaya defeated by UAE 3-1 in Shenzhen China, yesterday. He hopes Rajagopal able to overcome all weaknesses and achieve high performance against Bahrain soon.

In reality, Harimau Malaya need moral supports to play in a real competition. It is different while in test or experimental match. Many world class team lose because of lose or lack of moral supports even we acknowledge the level of profesionalisms they had.

Like Malaysia League, it is the place to find the best local players to play for the country but in certain condition, long injury may stop them to play for the national team.

In previous records, Harimau Malaya wins and loses record will benefit the opponents. They will see this as an advantage to launch psychology war against us. So we hope Harimau Malaya will not reduce their spirits and will be play in maximum condition of high performance soon.   


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