AFF Futsal Championship Malaysia must defeat Thailand

Malaysia national team must revive from the last two match against the host, Thailand tomorrow. It will be third game for Malaysia after they had one win and one lost during previous matches.

Malaysia in group A together with Vietnam, Brunei, Philippine and Thailand. Malaysia must poses high spirit to overcome the host Thailand which already with 28 goals lead the group A.

In previous matches, Malaysia loss to Vietnam 1-2 and win over Brunei 8-4. While Thailand defeated Philippine 20-1 and win over Brunei 8-1.

Malaysia team have to struggle after loss the first match against Vietnam and win over Brunei. With a few slots offer on AFC Futsal Championship next year, Malaysia team believe they just started to make a good path after the first win against Brunei yesterday. 

Malaysia will oppose Thailand on October 22 (Tuesday) and against Philippines on the next day.

Meanwhile Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and Timor Leste are in the group B. For time being, Indonesia on the top of group B with 6 points and 29 goals.

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