Kelantan to the final of the Malaysia Cup 2013 (with pics of the match)

The former champion. The Red Warrior (TRW) Kelantan has confirmed their way to final after defeated ATM with aggregate 4-3. 

However Marlon Alex James has given hopes to ATM by score the first two goals at 18th and 35th minute of first half.

It a bit worried to TRW fans until Fakhri Saarani scored a goal to make a narrow deficit goal 2-1.

After a few minute, TRW captain Piya scored a second goal to tied ATM 2-2. Until the final whistle the Kelantan and ATM tied 2-2 but TRW with previous score on the first league 2-1 to give them the way to final with aggregate 4-3.

Congratulations to The Red Warrior and wish you all the best!

Meanwhile another match that will be started on Saturday 26 October 2013 at 8.45 p.m., the host Sarawak will oppose Pahang at Stadium Utama Negeri.

Here is the pics of the match tonight.

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