FC Ryukyu wants more Malaysian players

Wan Zack Haikal Wan Nor may be happy with the latest news while FC Ryukyu interested to call more Malaysian footballers to join the club. 

The Japanese third division, FC Ryukyu like to 'fishing' another two players of Harimau Muda. However the names were not revealed yet.

Meanwhile Wan Zack Haikal Wan Nor and left back Nazirul Naim Che Hashim both whom signed with the club last March 2013 shown positive reaction and hope many players will explore and gain difference experience in Japan.

The names will revealed later by the Secretary-Genaral of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Dato' Hamidin Bin Haji Mohd Amin.

On Wan Zack conditions, FC Ryukyu take responsible to bear all surgery costs for Wan Zack injury.

Harimau Muda had coach, Ong Kim Swee hope Wan Zack will be available for next year especially for AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 preparation.

Wan Zack Haikal contract will end until March 2015.

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