Malaysia Cup 2013 : Venue exchange, who will benefit more?

While Armed Force (ATM) captain, Hairuddin Omar is not happy on venue exchange from Selayang Stadium to Shah Alam Stadium, but The Red Warrior (TRW) feel different to share.

Instead, TRW cannot wait to see the capacity of seats loaded with TRW fans. Generally, their supporters will fulfilled every single place in the stadium. TRW have many supporters and of course ATM fans will get sunk in the 'red wave' rampage.

Meanwhile ATM head coach, B Sathianathan admitted that he was mistaken calculation to agree exchange venue from Selayang Stadium to Shah Alam Stadium.

He said that the matter should be discussed first amongst themselves especially players. Hairuddin Omar get shocked and worry on the decision made but he hope Sathianathan to appeal to FAM to stick with the Selayang Stadium venue rather than Shah Alam Stadium.

Indra Putra Mahayuddin said that their fans admitted the Shah Alam Stadium is their second 'hallowed stadium' after Sultan Mohammad IV stadium. It will be a nightmare to opponent if the venue filled with TRW fans soon.

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