Rajagobal sensation end of this year?

'Date lapse' for Harimau Malaya head coach, Datuk K Rajagobal will be finished on 31st December 2013. It is about a few months before the contract ended.

Everything it's depends on the match against Yemen in Asian Cup 2015 qualifier, clarified by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM). 

Malaysia with third position in Group D, have three more games to go, reciprocal action against Bahrain on October, Qatar (November) and Yemen (March next year).

In this situation as a last 'lifeline' for Rajagobal, FAM seems to give another opportunities to him until the end of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) set.

FAM secretary-general, Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin told that the 57-year-old coach future will be extended or not, it will be determined when the time comes. 

Tengku Abdullah has give determination of KPI's for him to qualify for the final round of Asia Cup 2015, if the match against Yemen as the solution, everybody has to wait whether his contract will be extended or not.

If that happens, K.Rajagobal will continue his contract and possibility of there. Any rights or power is on FAM's decision to determine whose right to hold the head coach position. 

He added that many application submitted to FAM will given choice to the committee to evaluate but has not made any decision yet.

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