Merdeka Cup 2013, Ong Kim Swee on Dilemma

Harimau Muda A head coach, Ong Kim Swee in the pleasant dilemma once again when his boy last night able to defeat Thailand 3-0. That's mean he has array of bright talent to call upon.

In the match last night, he has called seven new players in the first team where they comfortably defeated Thailand which made him headache to choose the players for the final match against Myanmar this Saturday.

Otherwise he must has a good calculation to point while the big names is not be a factor when he names a lines up soon. 

He said that all players can play once we need them anytime to replace for the main squad. Actually they are not subs players but in football the team only need eleven first team to play in the field. As a conclusions, all of them are the best to be chosen in the Harimau Muda A.

Kim Swee will see from all contribution given by the players and not because the big names in the team or scorers last night.

Thailand head coach, Kairung Threejagsang was graceful in accepting the defeat even he was claimed the second goal by Rozaimi's hand ball had made upset mood to his boys. The overall game was clearly on Malaysia side.

He really disappointed with the Thai captain's suspended, Mahamasabri where he should become Thailand back up to strengthen or produce goal. 

Maybe if they played with Harimau Muda A earlier, it could have been better.

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