'Do not disturb my job'

Datuk K.Rajagobal not bother with some insistence asked him to resign as a coach of Harimau Malaya.

He will continue as a coach of Harimau Malaya until contract expires on 31st December 2013. Obviously it is not effect on his focus job to guide Harimau Malaya eventhough many people criticized him as a factor of performance declined by Harimau Malaya since lately.

Instead he blasted the critics who he described as anger demands for him to resign due to deterioration in the performance of Harimau Malaya.

"I will not resign, my contract will expire on next 31st December 2013. After that it's up to FAM whether to renew my contract or not.

He said that the fans do not know what was happened in Japan and they not see how his players playing overall.

"They do not bother me and team's preparation because we have a great mission to carry out soon, friendly match against FC Barcelona, August 10 and Asian Cup 2015, on next October," he told yesterday after arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) abroad from Japan.

Win two matches from 13 games was so upset which is quite embarrassing.

He also criticized for failing to improve the national team's position which is hanging on 159th in world ranking.

The latest, Harimau Malaya was humiliated in Japan friendlies club tour when they lost a big scores in all the matches and without a score.

He claimed that all the players looked very exhausted during Ramadhan when they were forced to play in a day. He promise to review any action or friendly match in the month of Ramadhan after this.

When he was asked on such criticisms seems not understand him all these years, he said "Do not ask me. Ask the people. They know who was helped the country to win the gold medal of SEA GAMES 2009 after awaiting for 20 years."

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