Hockey World Cup : Malaysia already qualified for the World Cup 2014?

Recently Ireland failed to qualify into semi-finals European Championships mathematically verify Malaysia place in the World Cup 2014.

We are waiting for the official announcement of Malaysia after all intercontinental championships close ceremony.

Ireland should become the last team to qualify for the world cup after Czech Republic and Poland from the European continental but failed to move to semi-finals when draw against England 2-2. They dropped into third place of Group B behind England with one point gap. 

Malaysia in waiting list after Spain is waiting for official decide Oceania Cup tournament to be held on October 28th until November 3rd if we fail to win the Asia Cup 2013.

In Oceania Cup, there are only four team involving Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Samoa. Samoa ranked 72 world and Papua New Guinea ranked 69 of the world for sure will not be able to challenge New Zealand or Australia to win the title, either New Zealand or Australia able to grab the championship.

The countries already qualified for the World Cup 2014 including Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Argentina, England, Netherland (hosts),  South Korea. While Spain and Malaysia are in fifth waiting lists will here a good news soon.

Last August, Argentina defeated Canada 4-0 in the final of Pan American Cup to confirm the South Korea into world cup 2014 for the first waiting list.
This was followed by Spain after any teams already qualified for the World Cup 2014 met in final of European tournament.

If Malaysia win the Asia Cup 2013, we will be the filled the last slot automatically qualify for the World Cup 2014 and India will be the last team qualify after Oceania Cup ends later according to waiting lists sequences. If we fail, we will take the India place to qualify for the World Cup 2014.

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