THE SULTAN OF JOHOR CUP 2014 FINAL India vs Great Britain

Hockey The Sultan of Johor Cup U21 2014 ended a while ago with the title remain to India after defeated unbeaten Great Britain in the league stage.

India's 2-1 win over Great Britain saw the greatness of India after won the gold medals at the Asian Games in Incheon Korea recently.

India stands out as a success greatness after tied Great Britain 1-1 until the last minute. India shown high morale, successfully earning a penalty corner for the last 45 seconds and get the winning goal through Hermanpreet.

With this victory, India managed to retain the title in the last edition and become a giant hockey in Asia.

Earlier in the league stage, Great Britain beat India 2-0  

In the match for 3rd and 4th place, the Aussie has managed to beat the Kiwis 6-2 to win the bronze medal.

While Malaysia finished 5th after beating Pakistan 3-1. Earlier in the group stage, Pakistan has managed a 2-2 draw with Malaysia.

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