THE SULTAN JOHOR CUP U21 2014 Great Britain outclass Malaysia

Malaysia suffered their second defeat at the hands of Great Britain a moment ago with a 3-2. Thus closed the opportunity for Malaysia to reach the final.

Great Britain much dominated the game in the first half and has produced two goals for early minutes to 5th by Benjamin James Brignull and in a minute later by David Goodfield through deflection.

The decision remained until the end of the first half  with 2-0.

Arul Selvaraj's players should be praised when relentless attack to the opponent goal. Shahril Saabah hit the first goal in the 49th minute to reduce a deficit. But Luke Taylor successfully added a goal for  Great Britain on 62th minute.

Once again praised to Shahril Saabah when he made another goal from direct penalty corner drag flick in the 65th minute to Malaysia continues to reduce the deficit.

However Malaysia run out of time and decision remained 3-2 until the final whistle.

Meanwhile the earlier matches, India beat Pakistan 6-0 and Australia defeated New Zealand 4-3.

The next match will take place on Thursday, October 16 which New Zealand vs Pakistan at 4:05 pm, Malaysia vs India at 6:05 pm and Australia vs Great Britain at 8:05 pm Malaysian time.

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