HOCKEY THE SULTAN OF JOHOR CUP 2014 Malaysia continues to grieve

Malaysia failed to put themselves in the top four in the championship of the Sultan of Johor Cup in 2014 when they drew 2-2 against Pakistan.

Arul Selvaraj requested that hockey fans do not blame the players for failing at this time but he will take responsible for the failure.

Malaysia is ranked 5th going down again against Pakistan on 19 October 2014 at 3.30 pm. to seize the 5th and 6th place in the overall tournament.

Other results, Great Britain beat New Zealand 3-0, while India has shocked Australia with the results match 6-2.

India vs Great Britain at 8:35 tonight in the final of the Australia vs New Zealand on the 3rd place playoff and 4th at 6:05 this afternoon.

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